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  • because if you take it out you might realize that it could replace their devices. :D
  • Let's keep the discussion on GPS L-) Yes, indeed. There are plenty of other places to discuss that. It has been a long time since I've had to moderate threads or users and I'd like to keep it going that way. :)
  • Was my method of contacting you correct as I couldn't find any other way. That's totally fine-- glad you can post, sorry I don't have much of an answer for you otherwise but I'll be on the lookout.
  • Hey @makem, I got your message and have reviewed your account and don't see anything out of the ordinary. The message you described doesn't sound like any sort of message/window this site uses nor asks for. If you can, please try from a different co…
  • While there have been some changes at DeLorme (the most publicly being the closure of "The Map Store" at the HQ), there are little other changes that most consumers would see. The Gazetteers that most people know DeLorme for continue to be produced …
  • While there are numerous exceptions to my answer, this is generally how it goes. GPS companies get their POIs from the mapping companies. One exception is that there are cases where some larger chains might purchase "branded" POI icons to be display…
  • I thought they were using Accelerometer/gyro, no? (Or is that what you mean by "motion"?)
  • I'd agree that augmented data from cell towers and wifi geolocation will predominantly help with initial fix, as you suggested. I'd also say that they typically do more harm than good. But they can be an additional source of errors as well. It proba…
  • A few points come to mind. First is battery. First, let's separate devices into categories of devices that are primarily designed for recreation/fitness (like a Garmin fitness watch, Garmin Edge GPS for bikers, eTrex, etc) and those devices which ar…
  • At one point we offered that option and people abused it. People would come in, ask a question or participate in a thread, then when their question was answered they would delete all of their posts. It made reading threads really confusing when ther…
  • They actually got tripped up in our spam filter. A notice does appear indicating that... but it flashes by and many people don't see it.
  • Just like the wind, some days I get lots of drift, sometimes none at all. :)
  • Using the URL I gave above, I logged in, zoomed in on the map where I wanted to add the POI, selected 'Point of Interest' under 'Choose what to report', clicked 'Add a point of interest', dragged the pin from the toolbar to the point in the map, fil…
  • @footloose did you start from here?
  • A secondary reason is that it can be super annoying to people who are busy crafting a reply to a post only to have the original question change after an answer has been posted. Ironically, that just happened to me a few minutes ago in another forum.
  • Photobucket tries to be very sneaky (for SEO purposes) and embeds links and redirects to their images. In the process of trying to be sneaky rather than helpful their links don't work in a number of places. I've fixed the links.
  • Yeah, that is a strange one too. The Navigon brand lives on, as do many of their apps.
  • Interesting that they are using so much of the DeLorme infrastructure here. I get it-- the acquisition is recent and therefore not much time for development other than the Garmin logo. I'd expect future products in this line to ditch more of DeLorme…
  • but with those, it's ded-rec should be better - almost as good, if not as good, as with full GPS information It could be, yes. I suspect it isn't something the GPS companies feel is worth prioritizing their engineering resources for.
  • Even though you asked for no speculative answers, I'm going to offer one. I have no idea exactly which model GPS you have, but many made by Fujitsu Ten have a gyro. It probably doesn't work well in the scenario you described as a loss of signal is a…
  • Did the download take longer than it should have for the size? If so, are you using your ISPs default DNS servers on your phone/router?
  • Wow, I wrote that article nine years ago, but didn't remember the answer myself.
    in The red dot Comment by Tim October 2016
  • Also makes me wonder why there is a need to predict the next map update on this page There isn't a need, other than it has historically been the second most question I get asked on this site. I used to be quite accurate, however the switch from four…
  • I wouldn't say they are delayed at all since Garmin doesn't have a release schedule. The times when they have released new maps in the last year or so have changed significantly since the years previous. So anticipating a release is just a wild gues…