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  • A combination of IP and engineers, I suspect.
  • Haha. :)
  • This is how I read it, more or less in their own words, I can't imagine them trying to say "this is how we are illegally using your info. --- Some jurisdictions regulate or prohibit use of this device. • It is your responsibility to know and comp…
  • I don't think that is what they are talking about. I think it is two things. First, in some jurisdictions merely tapping on the screen while the car is turned on is illegal. Second, I believe it is illegal to track someone with GPS without their con…
  • There could be. On the app, it can send a confirmation back to Garmin that the user has accepted the agreement. So they could keep a list of device IDs along with a timestamp of agreement. While some dedicated devices have connectivity, it might no…
  • Huh, weird. I've seen that on other sites, but I don't get it when I go to that one.
  • because if you take it out you might realize that it could replace their devices. :D
  • Let's keep the discussion on GPS L-) Yes, indeed. There are plenty of other places to discuss that. It has been a long time since I've had to moderate threads or users and I'd like to keep it going that way. :)
  • Was my method of contacting you correct as I couldn't find any other way. That's totally fine-- glad you can post, sorry I don't have much of an answer for you otherwise but I'll be on the lookout.
  • Hey @makem, I got your message and have reviewed your account and don't see anything out of the ordinary. The message you described doesn't sound like any sort of message/window this site uses nor asks for. If you can, please try from a different co…
  • While there have been some changes at DeLorme (the most publicly being the closure of "The Map Store" at the HQ), there are little other changes that most consumers would see. The Gazetteers that most people know DeLorme for continue to be produced …
  • While there are numerous exceptions to my answer, this is generally how it goes. GPS companies get their POIs from the mapping companies. One exception is that there are cases where some larger chains might purchase "branded" POI icons to be display…
  • I thought they were using Accelerometer/gyro, no? (Or is that what you mean by "motion"?)
  • I'd agree that augmented data from cell towers and wifi geolocation will predominantly help with initial fix, as you suggested. I'd also say that they typically do more harm than good. But they can be an additional source of errors as well. It proba…
  • A few points come to mind. First is battery. First, let's separate devices into categories of devices that are primarily designed for recreation/fitness (like a Garmin fitness watch, Garmin Edge GPS for bikers, eTrex, etc) and those devices which ar…
  • At one point we offered that option and people abused it. People would come in, ask a question or participate in a thread, then when their question was answered they would delete all of their posts. It made reading threads really confusing when ther…
  • They actually got tripped up in our spam filter. A notice does appear indicating that... but it flashes by and many people don't see it.
  • Just like the wind, some days I get lots of drift, sometimes none at all. :)
  • Using the URL I gave above, I logged in, zoomed in on the map where I wanted to add the POI, selected 'Point of Interest' under 'Choose what to report', clicked 'Add a point of interest', dragged the pin from the toolbar to the point in the map, fil…