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  • I see now that the additional functionality is provided with the higher priced product. Not unreasonable; if Garmin leveled functionality across all products then what would be the point of paying higher prices? Thanks for the information. hip2 …
  • Boyd, I wasn't aware of this, I've only owned a couple of Nuvi's over the last few years. I remain discouraged. It is sad (IMHO) that these good ideas don't even seem to infiltrate within a companies own product lines. Thanks hip2
  • guy48065, What happens though if you want to transfer files from one device to another (PC/ Garmin)? To my mind the ideal would be to have a user selection screen with a timed default condition (also user selected). hip2
  • The use of modified USB connectors is a problem that extends beyond Garmin to many other electronic devices. It is a major irritant having a drawer full of wall-warts all with the same USB mini or micro connectors that work with some but not other …
  • As there are no Garmin maps available for Japan I was wondering if I could use Google to download POI's to my Garmin then use it as a sort of compass to find my way from one tourist trap to another? Dopey idea or not? I'll let the more informed dec…