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  • Thanks for all your comments. I deactivated the Voice Command function several days ago. So far, so good, I have not had the map disrupted by the page I originally posted about.
  • Good questions. The next time it happens, I will take a photo with my phone and post.
  • I have had my Nuvi 1450LMT for almost a month. I was at first concerned that the indicated speed was about 2 mph less than the speedometer indicated speed. Then I remembered that the speedometer speed has a built in error, and reads about 2mph mo…
  • Thanks for all of your replys and suggestions. t###, I used the suggestions you made in your post right after my last. I went to the bottom, and changed the state, then followed your steps. It worked, and I now have my entries in Favorites. This…
  • t923347, it's worth trying. There are some variables which could affect the results. What model Nuvi are you using? The software could also be different. Also are you using the latest map version? Mine is 2012.20. Here are the adddresses. In …
  • tp23347, thanks for your reply. I tried the "search all", and put in the street address for the Lansdale, PA address. It came up with two cities, both about 1,000 mi from Lansdale. I then went to the Browse Map, and after a lot of moving the map …
  • Tim and Boyd, thanks for your replys. I have to admit that this first post was sort of a test. I know that it was a little bit smarty, but I wanted to see if anyone was paying attention, and would take the time to reply. I have been on other foru…