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  • I had started looking at things and changing them,,, when did not have voice and wondered why... so in that process, unchecked keyboard...not sure how or why , othere then I saw the wrod latin and unchecked and did not notice only 3 choices for keyb…
  • okay I got everything back --- once you said preferences I went in there to see factory reset and got into preferences. and saw the keyboard one and checked that out and after all that agony,,, i had just unclecked latin keyboard. so after all …
  • thanks yes I did install the back ups,, since I can't get it unfrozen,,, i can not ,,,,get to preferences I guess I will have to call support as you suggested thanks for all your efforts,,, have a good day in Canada
  • the only other thing i remember from all this trying yesterday and today ... is that at one point before real problem began was going to change voice and then saw a question do you want latin keyboard and i unchecked it thinking did not want latin…
  • when I turn it on it flashes welcome and then a small i but it never acts like a new tom tom ... wondering if i did not completely get it reset to factory default... but have held it down for count of 20 ??????/
  • I had the check disk and reformatted and rentered the files and did anohter check disc. and it has found no problems. Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600] (C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp. C:\Documents and Settings\lori-loretta>chkds…
  • I can get to the emulator section on tom tom home on computer. but my computer screen gets frozen at the same spot as tom tom and says it has to shut down.. it is on navigator panel ,,, and when I click plan new rouote , it closes down .
  • I can't do that it is frozen on computer screen also at the same spot. I did a reset , I did charging, I did the flash file fix and I deleted files and renetered them.... not sure what to do next other then to call next week