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  • Based on the specs, you have a switched mode power adaptor. You will be fine.
  • Yup, and I just love the abiality to alter it. Now it seems the unit is more personal. It knows my name :D On my older Nuvi 360 only Autralia Karen is editable. But hey, I like her voice anyway. 8)
  • I was a little dissappointed at first because of the lack of detail at the same zoom level between a Nuvi 360 and my new 755t I am trial using. Then I noticed how much more info and map area the 4.3" screen provides over what I could see on my litt…
  • There is no way any GPS will beat local knowledge.
  • The main difference between these two units is the Bluetooth. As for the traffic receiver, neither has it as a standard, but both will do it. The Nuvi 660 comes with the traffic receiver standard. It's built into the cigarette lighter adaptor. Y…
  • One of the nice things about the TomTom GO 910 I had, was user selectable display of POI. Garmin, are you listening? D I've calle dthem a a few recommendations, we'll see what shows up in future software updates.
  • You simply press the ball into the socket. It's a friction mount. Don't unscrew anything on it.
  • After you Tap the "Where To?" button from the main screen, there should be an option called "Address" it's in there. You many have to scroll down to see it though.
  • These instructions should be in the manual. lol Since you live in Canada you are in luck. It appears that you can only search by Postal Code. Not by Zipcode. When searching, use the "Address" key. It will then ask you "In What State is the…
  • Zoom in close enough and you will see some of the icons related to POI's. It's pretty useless though, as you are zoomed in so far, it does not permit you to see enough of the road ahead. You need to zoom into the 50m resolution.
  • WAAS is feature that uses a correction signal to improve location accuracy. It corrects for clock drift and signal delays induced by atmospheric conditions, and satellite orbit shifts. For more detailed info on what WAAS is try Garmins website …
  • So far the update is working good. No bugs that I can see as of yet. I checked the System Info and found that the Bluetooth SW and GPS SW versions have been updated. GPS SW Version 2.80 Bluetooth SW Version 2.40 Audio version remains the same. …
  • May I also suggest, if you want a little extra security in your update, BACKUP! Simply make of copy of the "Garmin" folder on your computer incase of serious problems. The standard folder (if you have not loaded it up with Waypoints etc) should …
  • Sorry to hear you are having such an issue. cry May I suggest when you do have it corrected, that you back up your entire Nuvi to your computer before you do any further updates. This is what I will be doing shortly. Yes Garmin has been having …
  • To be honest, I prefer the Garmin stuff over the TomTom. I had 4 TomTom 910's and all of them had one problem or another. The support they give is horrible, the window mounts (they know have problems) are still being allowed to be released. One o…
  • Hey tc... I've had some locking issues with my Nuvi360 as well. Here is a couple of things to try that Garmin sent to me. First off. Hook up your Nuvi to your computer and go the the Nuvi drive. Open the drive and open the Garmin folder. The…