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  • Thanks Boyd, It sound pointless to get her a GPS then.
  • privet01, Thanks for your reply. I find GPS shopping very, very frustrating, because there are sooooo many models to choose from, both current and discontinued. Plus Amazon reviewers are all over the place, half give a model 5 stars, and the othe…
  • Why would you buy a GPS for someone who doesn't want or need one? And what is the significance of the number 057912 ? That's my question exactly. Why do people that have a Smartphone also have a GPS? I am buying her a xmas present, so why should I…
  • I've seen this pop up from time to time as well, but hesitated to get it because of the reviewers on Amazon. Plus the 7” screen seems a bit much. Does anyone prefer this humongous screen? If so, why? Can anyone give a thumbs up on this unit? 057912
  • This is a very interesting thread, because I’ve always heard that Garmin was the Big Boss of the GPS world. Every sales person that I’ve ever talked to has told me that, so I’ve never even considered TomTom or Magellan. Amazon reviewers tend to wei…
  • I passed on it. I'm going with the Amazon reviews.
  • There's a site selling these today only, for $85 new. I understand that these are discontinued, but I don't under the following: Quote: All newer models are such that the user no longer has access to the file system on the device. What does this m…