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  • For some reason my Garmin 51 seems to work the opposite as to what you state. When MTP Auto Detect is selected the Garmin 51 Icon is yellow and it is displayed on my PC as a "Garmin 51" drive. When Mass Storage is selected the Garmin 51 icon is whit…
  • Hi all, Thanks for responding to my query on my "Garmin Drive 51"! I have never had to identify my geocaches as POIs, (sorry, but POIs were never part of the issue) and never had to zoom my altitude high or low to see the geocaches on my screen. The…
  • I have a Garmin Drive 51. With the screen open I see the lines to my destination but hardly or none of the street names on the map. Why is this? I have gone through all settings on the unit but hardly any street names shown. Ron
  • Quote:Are you saying that whenever you go to the map, it's always zoomed way out and it doesn't remember where you previously set it? If so, then try doing a hard reset. That often fixes weird problems following a map update. See: How to perform a h…
  • Hi Boyd, The main menu screen contains only 2 icons (besides sound and settings) one is Where to? and the other is View Map. there are no vehicles. Tapping anywhere other than on those 2 icons results in no action. I tap in View Map and this is whe…