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  • Thanks again for the help and advice! Basecamp worked just great. I was able to get it working in a couple of minutes and I must say that the map is definitely very cool. I'm already looking for more maps for when I go to different states and to se…
  • WOW!! Your maps are very impressive! Even if it isn't routable, it is at least more useful than a map that doesn't have large towns/roads on it! The Garmin base maps are terrible! I was thinking that I should just save my money and instead of buyin…
  • Thanks again! The camera doesn't interest me, but I am curious about the differences between the 450 and the 600 series. I'll take a look at the Garmin site. I have been messing around with the 530 that my buddy lent to me and it is... well... ver…
  • Hey guys, thanks for all the replies! Wow! the 650t is wicked expensive on the garmin site. I looked and saw that there were a few retailers that have a sale on it right now, but ouch... my wife is giving me one of "those looks" when I mentioned th…
  • Thanks for the reply! I talked to my friend about the base camp and apparently what he meant was that they set a waypoint marked "basecamp"... I feel kind of silly now. I was hoping perhaps there might be a handheld GPS that would work with the ri…