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  • HI Dale 59911 and Tim, What models of the Nuvi units did you use compared to the TomTom? I have been struggling over which unit to buy for some time now. The route planning feature of the TomTom really turns me on, but the fact that it does not tra…
  • Hi Tim, Does the Nuvi 660 have an FM Transmitter? If so does it: 1. Allow a person to hear the MP3s thru the car's stereo system and if so does the Nuvi mute MP3s when it is time to anounce a turn, intersection, etc. while listening to music via t…
  • I was reading some of the reviews on the Nuvi 660. One of the negatives that I read that really turns me off of this unit is the fact that it does not have a time till turn indicator and it also does not have an arrow indicating the direction of the…
  • Hi Tim, I meant the iway 500c not the 600c when comparing to the TomTom 910 amd the Nuvi 660. Thanks
  • HI Tim, Thank you for the quick reply. However, I am confuses what you mean by the Garmin's route planning. Does Garmin offer a route planning feature? Also, do you believe that this feature is something that a person would use on a regular basis? O…