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wishbone 49


wishbone 49
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  • Playing the audio through the car speakers fixes the volume issue but on a long trip you lose your radio, right? on the Garmin 360 you can play mp3's and it will cut out when an audio command is broadcast.
  • Can anyone tell me if the sound volume on the 7100 is a noticable improvment over the 2100? I tried a garmin 360 at Best Buy and it was so loud it knocked me back a foot. As I said in my first post volume is my big concern. I like Navigon and would …
  • I looked at a Garmin 360 it looks like a better unit for me than the 2100. Has anyone used the 360?
  • I just spoke to the help desk at Navigon about the low audio on the 2100. The manual is wrong, there is no earphone jack on this unit and no way to route it through your car speakers. Guess it’s going back. Too bad they decided to cut corners on the…
  • the antenna/earphone jack on the unit is threaded to accept the antenna. Not sure what type of earphone jack would work in a threaded socket, but the book calls it an antenna/earphone jack on page 22. I sent an e-mail to Navigon, waiting for responc…
  • I looked for an earphone jack, it dis not seen to have one.
  • P.S. Yes, I do have the volume up.