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  • OK, back from my trip and now I really need to clean off my GPS. I have connected to Basecamp and now have all of my tracks on Basecamp. However, when from Basecamp, I try to delete a track from my 64S internal storage it says something which lead…
  • OK, thanks. I travelling so I can't try anything right now. I'm also getting ready to buy a couple more maps and I really don't want to run into storage issues. I tried to find a "Garmin 64S for Dummies" type book, without success. The Garmin m…
  • Folks.....OK, I mistakenly thought France was western Europe, but will change to central Europe. I guess England and Portugal are the ones in western Europe? Yes, I did get a new fix on the satellites. Thanks for the help and explanations...RDK
  • SUSSAMB.....Yes, France right now. I ran Garmin Express and it said my unit was fully updated, ie no outstanding updates. To force a new Satellite fix, I removed and changed the batteries, and changed the satellite settings to DEMO and them back…
  • SUSSAMB....Ok, I think I have now figured out how it works. Thanks for being patient with me....RDK
  • SUSSAMB......Thanks. Not sure how I missed the elevation plot option. I would swear that I did that and did not see the elevation plot as an option. New glasses?? For question 2, however, I'm not talking about recording or not recording the trac…