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  • Thanks for your help. I try it later if I have some time to fiddle around. I will follow-up and let you know. Regards Hans
  • Yes you are right but the old nuvi was for both so nice with a battery live of 4 hours and anti glare screen. It all ways takes me a while to adjust to the new. I will now buy a anti glare plastick for the device. Doe anyone knows why they use a su…
  • Update on the drive smart. I have it now for a year. If you downloaded the garmin smartphone link you can use google maps and mark your place or use the irish eircode on google map than click on share than the garmin app comes up in the list ( you …
  • No that will not help a lot after trying for a year I do know. The app is on google playstore and is the garmin smart phone e link. So you put a marker on the google map than click share and than you can share it with the garmin app
  • Hi yes I agree . But they should try to get it right and not rush in to get a product in the shop because the competition has one . If they had taken care and a bit slower and changed the point mentioned earlier this Garmin would have gone a lot bet…
  • In Ireland it is not available unless maybe around Dublin . For the reflexion problem I want it on my wind screen. Not down deep in the car where I have to look down . And suggesting that you can look at the sign posts yes you can follow them but th…