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  • Try this address on satnav and google do they both show same place not for me google is bang on yet sat nav is about 150 yards away 30 harvesters way edinburgh
  • Im on my 2nd replacement and same issues are still there. Some great features pity the main function of it is so temperamental
  • Nice to know others have issues with this unit, i have more or less guven up with mine despite resets and updates its still gas a mind of its own at times. Final straw was a few weeks ago when i was heading to an address in dunfermline took me well…
  • not sure of a level but its only takes a couple of clicks on minus button on map for minors to disappear, hope that helps
  • It has 14gb of internal storage although I would expect that some of that is reserved for the system.
  • thanks for reply I had done that on the returned unit after garmin suggested it. Just done it on the unit I have now and went out for drive seem to follow my driving route fine with no freezing, put a postcode in and then went in every direction apa…
  • My first thought was that I had another faulty unit as well, I would say its acting like a computer low on memory but it could also be bad software/firmware issue but not what you expect from a £300 unit. kenny