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  • My TT1LE doesn't show x-ing South Ave. For fastest route it shows Trinity Pl > Dorian Rd > Westfield Ave > Park St > Central Ave > Valley Rd Linden > Valley Rd > N Stiles St and so forth to NY. Shortest route is similar up to Ce…
  • Infama, Thanks. How do I send/reply to private messages?
  • infama, what you did was the dutch tts from HP ? Im not sure but maybe if you have time can you use the amy voice edit it as a tts is this possible? Why is it that the non tts voices are much clearer, does not sound digitized. Eureka, I have done…
  • You mean if your stolen gps can be tracked? Sorry, I'm afraid there's no way to track a lost or stolen gps unit.
  • Tomj03, is it possible to read restaurant reviews on the TT itself? Which TT model do you have? Which file format are the reviews? I don't think my TT1 LE can do this.
  • You don't need the perpendicular distance to find the line you want. A little math should do the trick. Just substract the respective N and W of the 1st coordinate from the 3rd. Add the respective difference to the N and W of the 2nd coordinate and …
  • Uncle Ben, thanks for the info. I notice that even though I set my unit to turn off after 1 minute of inactivity, it won't turn off automatically unless the 310 is out of the navigation program completely and back to the main Oasis interface. Does y…
  • Uncle Ben, What was wrong with your unit? Did you buy it from HP directly? Since I bought mine from Amazon, would I have to send mine to Amazon or HP, when and if service is needed? Thanks.
  • At the beginning, the battery seemed to hold up for about 2 hours. Now it seems less. Could you check your battery's capacity and let me know how long it lasted on a full charge overnight? Thanks.
  • That's not that much better than the QWERTY option. I would like to have bigger letters with 5 or 6 across like the Nuvi 350.
  • I read either in this forum or at's the following about TT, and it worked for me: This is a common problem with the SD slot in general. Perform the following procedure and you should again be able to turn on the unit with the SD card…
  • Tim, Are gps units that accurate for landing planes in bad weather? My HP 310's elevation doesn't seem to be very accurate. I was on an open-air balcony 3 stories above and several hundred feet from the Pacific ocean, and the elevation readings rang…
  • 3 questions: 1. Does the 7.15 apply to my TT1 LE US&Canada map also? 2. If not, is there a new map update for US&Canada map? 3. Can I upgrade the TT1 LE map to the NA 7.15, since the LE can use SD cards?
  • Can't the 920 flip the map upside down so that the usb port will be on top?
  • I did the "poi near me" for Santa Monica and then do search "best buy".
  • I did download the TT retail ov2 file, but since it gave me some duplicate pois so I deleted it. The ov2 files I have now are: Fire_stations.ov2 Ikea.ov2 LowClear.ov2 National_Parks.ov2 Playing field.ov2 RestAreas.ov2 School.ov2 Starbucks.ov2 StateP…
  • No, it's part of the poi database that comes with the gps.
  • Uncle Ben, Is there a helicopter mode on the 310? How do I find it? Yes, the flyover mode is nice but I much prefer the helicopter mode, especially in 3D - really cool!
  • The simulation mode is at 1x speed, but there's another selection called 'fly over', during which the car icon can zoom along certain parts of the freeway in excess of 500mph! But there's no sound during this flyover mode.
  • I own a 310, and when I first set up the unit it gave me the local time automatically once I got the signal lock. The reason I wasn't totally sure is as I haven't left my time zone since I got the gps I couldn't vouch for it. I suspect it would work…
  • Thanks for your detailed reply. I think the relatively new HP Ipaq 310 can adjust the time automatically based on the current coordinates of the gps, but I'm not 100% sure. Of course that means you've already locked on to the sats for having gotten …
  • @Spyder63, How did you get a signal lock on a plane that's moving at hundreds of miles per hour? Did you have to sit at a window, or just anywhere on the plane??