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  • Thanks for clarifying Tim. I actually just heard today that Tele Atlas is expanding coverage to Saudi Arabia and Egypt which really goes a long way in showing how the company is really making strides to be compete in the mapping marketplace.
  • Tim--well thankfully TomTom is well on its way to correcting these discrepancies so that consumers are getting the most up to date maps. I heard that they are offering free map updates to 510, 910 and ONE users which is great and it's only $49.99 fo…
  • Good point Tim, I was just saying when you see NAVTEQ and Tele Atlas maps side-by-side, the Tele Atlas ones seem to be a bit more detailed-- but that could very well be for certain areas and dependant upon what the GPS provider choses to include.
  • Tim-- I think you're definitely right about NAVTEQ and Tele Atlas maps being more accurate in specific areas. With that said however, I get the sense that Tele Atlas does tend to include more detail, like schools for example, while NAVTEQ maps do no…
  • Thanks for the feedback Tim, but I'm now thinking that since TT has dropped the price of the 910, I may live it up and go for it as it seems to be the most popular model anyways and I would like to have the text-to-speech option.. Again, thanks for …
  • Thanks for the quick response Tim. It sounds like the 910 definitely has more features on it but I think for my purposes, I would only really need the basics that a ONE comes with. Going by your own experience and those of others, would you say that…