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  • I'm guessing that you're only talking about North American updates, right? In Europe Navigon are still selling GPS units and it appears as if map updates for Europe will continue as before, right?
  • After a couple of emails with Navigon Support they have activated the FreshMaps for me. I had to send proof of purchase. 2 year subscription for $39. That's a great deal - where did you find it?
  • I asked the same question a few months ago and was told that the answer was yes, with the caveat that some specific brands (particularly cheaper brands) might cause problems. I bought a Kingston 4GB HCSD card in Germany for around 12 EUR and it wo…
  • Just avoid any cards you see offered for sale on ebay. Many turn out to be fraudulent knockoffs from China. Or they could be legitimate ones from China. :) Thanks for the advice! I'm pleased as punch that I can get a 4GB and use the larger full …
  • I had written to Navigon before on this issue and never heard back, but then yesterday, they replied! The message indicated that I can use a 4GB SDHC card, but that the 5100 sometimes has trouble reading specific brand cards (and no more information…
  • Hi guys Regarding these cards that are available for purchase in the $40 range - do you know if they work with all Navigon maps? I have a 5110 in Europe with Western Europe maps and I'd like to grab one of these Freshmaps cards online, but I don't …