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  • Usually one of three reasons: 1. The GPS unit is missing the unlock code; 2. Locked supplemental maps have been downloaded to the GPS; or; 3. Locked supplemental maps have been downloaded onto the SD card. Go to "www.My" and under "FAQs"…
  • If you go to on the right side you can select Clear Channel or Navteq and see the coverage maps. For me...I subscribed to Clear Channel, enabled it, and found that I am now receiving both. If I were to …
  • OK, here's what I hope is the definitive answer to all this. I talked to a Garmin Tech Rep today. He said that the 765T comes with the lifetime subscription to Navteq. Therefore if you want the Clear Channel subscription you have to pay the $60 …
  • The Nuvi 765T that I bought came with only a "Quick Start Guide" which diesn't mention anything about the Trafffic capabilities. What I found I had to get from the "My Garmin" website. Under "Support" click on "Search" and enter "Traffic Receiver"…
  • I quote the following from the GTM 20 Owners Manual (the GTM20 being the traffic receiver that ships with the Garmin 765T): "The GTM 20 includes a 15 month subscription to Clear Channel Total traffic network. The subscription activates automaticall…