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I'm 5 ft.8


I'm 5 ft.8
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  • I have given up on Garmin Customer service. The last time I called with a question, I was treated rudely,and very condesending. So..... I will live with my Garmin for now,but will move onto to another source when my next purchase comes up.
  • I don't bother punching in addresses in my 255. I just go to and enter the address/state/province etc and then dump into my unit. It shows up in your favourites list.
  • Thanks everyone for your replies. I always felt the gps was more accurate and your answers confirm that.
  • I got a 255W for Christmas,and it seems to do all the things that meets my needs. I don't need an FM transmitter. I will probably not use the POI feature,I don't need to be entertained,I just want to get from point A-B and back again safely and accu…
  • When I resize the image to 480x210 pixel, the width is fill the whole screen but the height is not. I still have a black block on the bottom of the screen. I have the same problem. It would be nice to take advantage of as much as the screen as poss…
  • Care to let us all in on your secret of how to go about changing ?
  • As far as the photo nav feature goes.... I was told by a Garmin rep that the unit will navigate to the spot where the picture was taken. I am not interested to go where a picture of a sunset was taken in Buffalo. So it is one feature that I will not…
  • I wouldn't even consider buying a GPS from crappy tire. Their floor staff usually have no knowledge about anything that is the slightest bit technical. Plus...they don't sell enough of them to warrant any competitive prices. I got my 255w bundle @ B…
  • I breathe on it & use a microfibre cloth. I usually use a PDA wand or the soft erasure end of a pencil to punch in directions.
  • Clint: Even a row of tall trees will interfere with signal reception. It's just the ' nature of the beast ' I have driven thru some National parks in Oregon and have temporarily lost signals.
  • Thanks for the prompt replys. After some detective work i found the info I need. Thanks again
  • Ken: Just for giggles. I entered Grand Mound WA as a destination on Map Quest and had no trouble finding a map. It sounds like a bug in the system. Heck we have a major 'perimeter road around the city were I live,and it is not listed. I got my nuvi…
  • Albert: I have a nuvi 255w which is essentially the same as yours,and mine does the same thing.If it says 'drive 6km',that's the only thing it will say until your next turn. It will not give you any more directions until just before your next turn.…