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  • Map database and updates

    or you can go directly to the Here web site and register and then you can notify Here of any errors and omissions and eventually the changes get onto the SatNav in your car, however it can take quite a while. In the past they have been pretty quick to remove a road that had slid off the edge of a cliff however less significant changes take a while longer. The reduction in the frequency of map updates will also delay the arrival of the change.

  • Addresses in France

    You have to deselect the use of the North American maps via the Maps selection process, then when you want to use the device in N America you have to enable use of the N American maps.

    The places offered are French provinces in the North American maps.

  • Addresses don't transfer, only coordinates

    When switching from the nuvi 775T which had NA and European maps I copied the Current.GPX file from the 775T to the computer, I then connected the nuvi 2589 to the computer and renamed the Current file to Currento.GPX in the 2589 and then copied in the 775 Current.GPX from the computer to the 2589.
    When I restarted the 2589 I then had all my Favourite information on the device, I then had to delete the European favourites from the 2589 for neatness sake.