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  • Is there an alternative for Garmin Basecamp? is an online trip/route creating site which creates gpx files that can be downloaded as Trips to your GPS.
  • Need Help With New Garmin RV 760LMT

    If your talking about the EULA screens appearing when you first turn the device on, they will disappear once you use the device to travel for at least 20 seconds going over 3 MPH. Once this requirement has been met, the EULAs should no longer appear during startup.

    If your talking about the single WARNING screen that appears about using the device while the vehicle is moving then NO you can't disable that screen. It will disappear without user intervention after about 10 seconds.
  • Nuvi 55 - doesn't ask for town

    It didn't offer Springfield as a suggestion until I'd typed "Springfiel". That was hardly helpful. Typing that last letter 'd' really wasn't that much more work than typing the suggested word. And it didn't offer "Main" until I'd finished typing the entire word.

    With my old Nuvi (I think it's a 1450), I'd type "sp", and it would offer Springfield as an option.
    All I was attempting to point out is that you were complaining about the Nuvi not filling in the results after you type a few letters and I was pointing out that it does, just differently than it did using your old unit. You can see why I question whether you knew that this facility existed when you typed in Main and continued to type Street even though Main appeared as the first choice in the suggestion list.

    It's do bad your user interface seems to be different than it is on other newer Nuvi models like my 3597 where I get a screen like this when entering addresses:


    When I set my location as Marshfield Twn., MA:


    and tap Where to - Address and I get this page:


    I then tap - Spell City and after typing SPR, the Nuvi offers me Springfield as shown here:


    Selecting Springfield displays:


    After selecting Springfield MA the Nuvi asks for a street address and I enter 292.

    It then asks for a street name and I enter Mai:


    and I get this screen:


    Selecting Main lets the Nuvi display a screen where I pick the 292 Main St I want from the 2 items displayed:


  • Want a GPS that has elevation

    Try this - On the map screen, after the Nuvi has obtained a satellite lock, tap the 3 bar icon in the lower right corner of the screen. On the screen that should appear over the map, select Trip Data. 3 default display fields should appear on the right hand side of the map screen. Tap any of the 3 items listed and scroll down the list that will appear until you see Elevation. Tap the + sign beside Elevation and that will replace the default item you originally tapped. Now just keep the Trip Data display on the map screen and Elevation will always be available to you.

    The above works when you don't have a destination entered into the Nuvi. If you have a destination entered the process is the same as above but you'll have to select Elevation from a much more detailed listing under the Trip Data selection.

    Once you've selected Elevation under both the "no destination" trip data menu and the "destination entered" trip data menu it will be visible on the map screen for all situations as long as you have Trip Data selected to display.

    AFAIK any of the newer Nuvi/Drive models you can purchase will display the Elevation setting the same way as I've described above.

    There is one other way to display the Elevation read out at all times. On the map screen, tap the Direction Icon to the left of the 3 bar icon on the lower right corner of the map screen. Tap the + sign next to the Elevation selection in the list that will appear. This will replace the Direction readout on the map screen with the Elevation readout and it will be visible on the map screen at all times.
  • Changing route(s)

    The 3597 uses via points as destinations by default but it's more than simple to change them to shaping points if you are using trip planner. Just load your trip and the list of via points screen appears on the screen that has the Map and GO icons on it. Tap the "FLAG" to the left of any of the waypoints between the starting point and the end point and the Nuvi will ask you if you want to change the waypoint to a shaping point. Say yes and your good to go.