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  • DriveSmart 51 in GPS Simulation Mode

    Put the GPS in simulation mode and then select the saved place you want.

    When the Go screen appears, tap the 3 bar icon to the left of Go. On the next screen, there will be a Set Location box(you may need to scroll the screen down to see this box).

    Once you tap Set Location your future routes will start from there.
  • Importing custom POI's

    I'm not aware of the POI Converter software but it may be it that is taking the POI name and forcing it down to old IBM computer standard with an 8 character size limit.

    I'd suggest you give Extra POI Editor a shot as I haven't heard of this problem using it to convert OV2 to CSV files. You can find EPE at

    If that doesn't work and you don't get any more response here, I'd try where there are a lot of POI experts (many of them members here as well ;) )
  • Boston Users?

    According to Google a slightly shorter route would be the one below but it would probably depend on traffic and your probably only saving a tenth of a mile or so from your proposed route:

    Head west on Storrow Dr
    0.2 mi

    Use the left 2 lanes to take the exit toward Fenway
    0.2 mi

    Continue onto Charlesgate
    0.2 mi

    Continue straight onto Boylston St
    482 ft

    Turn right onto Fenway
    0.2 mi

    Fenway turns left and becomes Westland Ave
    262 ft

    Turn right onto Hemenway St
    0.3 mi

    Turn left onto Forsyth Way
    190 ft

    Turn right at the 1st cross street onto Huntington Ave
    1.1 mi

    Turn left onto S Huntington Ave
  • Nuvi 2200 adding to faves

    No it will not delete the installed maps. It will delete all user settings but they are easy to reset on the first boot up after the reset. The biggest issue is that you will lose all of your installed Favorites/Saved Places. To recover from that:

    Prior to the reset, copy the current.gpx file from the GPX folder on the Nuvi to a safe location on your computer.
    Perform the reset on the Nuvi
    Locate the current.gpx file on your computer and rename it to Temp.gpx
    Copy the Temp.gpx from your computer to the GPX folder on the Nuvi, and reboot the GPS

    After this last reboot all of your Favorites/Saved Places will be restored on the Nuvi.

    Once you confirm the restoration of your Favorites/Saved Places, it is recommended that you delete the Temp.gpx file from the GPX folder on your Nuvi.
  • City Navigator NA 2016.20 has been released.

    Just noticed I posted this in the wrong section. Please move to the Garmin Auto Forum when you get a chance. Thanks.