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  • STAY away from Subaru with NAV

    Or Subaru Support if you are in US or Canada:

    1 (800) 782-2783

  • Is there an alternative for Garmin Basecamp?

    I'm finding a few issues with the new version of Tyre. Can't seem to recalc a route after a reorder of waypoints, for one. Will forward issues to them as they seen to want to correct all found issues quickly. Version 7.01 and 7.02 have already been released.
  • Aerial imagery on the Nuvi?

    The issue I had with Basecamp and MapInstall was that I had to copy the garmindevice.xml from the GPS to the SD card, unhook the GPS from the computer, remove the card from the GPS, put the card in a Card Reader, insert the reader in to my computer and then run Basecamp or Mapinstall. All of this just to get the new map file to install on the card.

    Sorry, I was doing a butch of stuff last night involving extracting files and yours wasn't one of them. What I actually did was once I had the .img file on the SD card for one of my devices (using Basecamp) and tested it , I moved it to my desktop and then copied it to the Map Folder on either device or the SD card on the second GPS as needed.

    Having the .img file from " " would have saved a few steps there. :)
  • Aerial imagery on the Nuvi?

    Works fine on my 3597 and DriveLuxe 50. That being said, the graphics on the 50 are terrific compared to the 3597.

    Will post screen shots later for comparison.
  • Driveluxe 50lmtHD

    I guess I have to use Driveluxe and play around with the features.

    Well it would certainly help. You might also try reading the manual.

    Which Garmin has made easy by putting a copy of the manual directly on the DriveLuxe 50 in the Garmin/Documents folder, in English, Spanish and French.