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  • Issues when exporting Google maps to Garmin Drive 60 LMT

    BaseCamp will add shaping points to your route and send them to your Drive. Note also in the Drive series you can easily skip via and shaping points. With a route active tap the spanner bottom right and select 'Change route', you then have numerous options including skipping points.
  • what happens if I skip a waypoint

    If they are waypoints you'll be sent back until you reach them. There are though options. Make any point that you know you might not want to visit a shaping point, as those can be skipped easily. You can also use the menu on your Drive to skip a waypoint or shaping point should you wish to.

    To do that tap the spanner bottom right and then tap Change Route
  • Have I Been Done

    I suggest you ask where you bought it from.
  • Cheap, barebones hiking GPS... Do I have to go used?

    All devices offer exact coordinates. You'll need to check they have the format you want though ... Most normal ones are available so it's only if you want something out of the ordinary.
  • Problems Creating Routes in Garmin Basecamp

    You can easily 'rubber band' a route. Select the route, then hold the Alt key then click and hold the right mouse button. You can now drag the route to wherever you want it, then release the mouse button and BaseCamp will recalculate the route. You delete any unwanted points by selecting the erasure tool in the toolbar or Tools, Erase.