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  • Nuvi 52LM - Settings - Options - 'Do Not Automatically Turn On'

    Seems clear that is not the case here, since he states "Everytime I start the engine it turns on automatically". That implies the power is off until the engine starts. :)
    Ah true, missed that bit ..

  • What is going on?

    It's the 650 but similar to the 600. Missed that folks were talking just about the newer version.
  • What is going on?

    No, he means the Monterra.

    I've had 3 handheld Garmins, been very happy with all of them, and still have two. Your experience is unusual.
  • Montana 680t charging issue

    Mine reaches 100 ... But then it's a 650.
  • Heart icons on Garmin 2699

    Well you can change the icons shown for favourites, but they are still the heart icon size and nothing like as numerous as the previous icon set. So you can have 'preferred icons' but more limited in scope than before. Wish they'd stuck with the original icon set as I, and I'm sure many others, far preferred it. The annoying this is that the map POI icons are the original size, so favourite icons could have been made the same size so they match. But hey, as we all know, Garmin are a law unto themselves ... ;)