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  • How do I import ov2 files into my Nuvi?

    There are Garmin POIs, Custom POIs and Favourite POIs.
    Please let's get the terms right as that may confuse some folks. There are Garmin POIs, part of the map data, Custom POIs, loaded in various ways by the user, and Favourites or Saved places depending on the locale.

    There is no such thing as a Favourite POI.
  • CN EU 2018.10 NTU

    CN EU 2018.10 NTU now available for download
  • Shopping for new Garmin, for US, Europe, Mexico, Asia

    Yes, I thought of OSM mapping too, especially as the ad mentions limited postcode search, since nuvis in UK have provided full postcode search for many years now. If I get any more info I'll post back.
  • The legendary all-terrain navigation equipment is back: GPSMAP 276Cx

    Yes, now I'm confused. My 650T came with OS mapping (which was why it was a T model) ... no 'bundle' involved.

    Incidentally the OS maps aren't routeable, but embedded in them is an underlying CN map, which is routeable for the road network.
  • Driveassist 50 LMT-D

    No, WebUpdater is for updating software not maps. There was also a program called MapUpdater that updated maps. Both have been replaced with Express since folks used to complain that having separate apps for them wasn't sensible.

    Some though felt this was a retrograde step as Express initially wasn't liked by many, as it has to deal with every conceivable situation on every device, including now all Garmin fitness devices, so the software could struggle at times. However for a few years now it's generally been stable when updating Garmin's 'on the road' and 'on the trail' range. There are frequent updates for it, but these are normally to cope with yet another fitness device.