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  • FYI - GPS date rollover

    This thread is relevant:

    I know of at least one government agency that has lots of integrated GPS devices in remote locations that were found susceptible to pretty much the exact same bug. Long story short, even when the original manufacturer wrote a firmware fix they were a massive pain to update not only because of their remote location, but because the government typically doesn't give employees administrative access to their computer, which they discovered was required to run the firmware update.
  • STAY away from Subaru with NAV

    Does TomTom make the Subaru GPS? I doubt it.
    No, they don't make the navigation app. It is Harman Kardon hardware. However TomTom's maps are used on the deice so you see their logo occasionally. (I have a 2018 Outback.)
  • Remember when....

    I've had quite a few of these trips down memory lane lately. I dusted off my Dash Express and booted it up, as well as a few old Harman Kardon, LG, and HP devices.
  • New automotive devices coming?

    Historically, new releases come out around the turn of the year. (Often, but by no means always.) This means they often dump old inventory over the holidays to make room for the new, as well as timing announcements around CES in January. But of course in this day where so little of Garmin's revenue is in consumer auto GPS, not much of history matters anymore.
  • Problem with the views figure>

    Hmmm.... weird. I'll look into it. There are few other broken things I need to fix as well.