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  • Big changes to Google Maps policy and pricing coming June 11

    I get several calls per day from "Google AdWords", but of course it isn't really Google, just some scammers.
  • Garmin ends Navigon

    A combination of IP and engineers, I suspect.
  • Proof of false accusation

    Let's keep the discussion on GPS

    Yes, indeed. There are plenty of other places to discuss that. It has been a long time since I've had to moderate threads or users and I'd like to keep it going that way. :)
  • National Weather Service using map data from Garmin?

    While there have been some changes at DeLorme (the most publicly being the closure of "The Map Store" at the HQ), there are little other changes that most consumers would see. The Gazetteers that most people know DeLorme for continue to be produced and as far as I know continue to be updated. The produce quite a trove of maps that many outdoors people rely on, particularly in the North East USA. Just as many people in Jersey will tell you where they live based on exit numbers, many people around here will tell you which page number of the Gazetteer from their state they live within.

    The Eattmate PN-Series GPS has been discontinued, along with Street Atlas USA and Topo North America. The digital map data sets (used to power things like Topo USA) are still alive as is Xmap (their more pro cartography program).
  • Monterra spinning map

    Just like the wind, some days I get lots of drift, sometimes none at all. :)