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  • Magellan… desparate?

    No, the big retailers know how to avoid cart abandonment from the start.
  • HERE to be sold

    It seems like Garmin could have the following options.

    1) Create their own maps.
    2) Purchase TomTom.
    3) License maps from TomTom.
    4) License maps from Google.
    5) Use OpenStreetMap. (Note, TeleNav is doing this already.)
    6) Continue licensing from whomever purchases Here.
  • Garmin announces the epix - handheld capability on your wrist

    Maybe we should change the title of this forum to "Garmin Handheld and Wearable GPS"? ;)
  • Amazon Garmin Discontinued

    Garmin has historically continued to sell, and in some cases even still manufacture, devices labeled as "discontinued. From our Garmin Discontinued Status article from 2008:
    Strictly speaking, “discontinued” means that the device is no longer in production. No new devices will be built of models that are discontinued. However, according to my conversations with Garmin on the subject– even that isn’t a 100% certainty. They said it isn’t uncommon for one of their factories to call and say “hey, we’ve got enough parts kicking around to build XYZ model… want us to build a few?”
  • 3597 ETAs

    And just to take a step back for a moment-- the ETA calculation will depend on your model, software version, and map version. So none of these answers can be applied overall to every, or even most situations. (I know we are talking about a specific model here but I don't want people to think it applies broadly.) For example there are many cases where a Nuvi will calculate an ETA which does violate a known speed limit, there are cases where the ETA is based on things like road classifications and historical average speeds rather than (even known) speed limits, etc.

    This is what makes these conversations challenging-- situations can be very different from Nuvi to Nuvi.