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  • Garmin 2017 Drive 51/61 series

    I meant loading to PC...sorry... I never new you couldn't send them back to the gps. Ha.. oh well. I still love the far..better then Dezl 760 going across the usa and back starting last week in August.. Route is made as well as places within (thanks to Turbocc) 6miles of the route I'll need.
    The wife and friends can watch me via live track.. instead of asking "where are ya" and me saying I don't know ....some where in Kansas.
  • Drive Smart 61LMT-S Nice unit..

    I bought the 61Drive Smart S...really nice job ..between all the apps and screen,etc. I adapted it to fit my Ram mounting off my dash so it sit's at the same spot my Dezl 760 sat.. I will miss my Ram powered Cradle system with the Dezl and 2797 I use.. but still I'm offing the 2797 and keeping the Dezl and 61 Drivesmart.
    No issues setting it up or updating via wifi and sending all my files from Mapsource.. changed the MTP settings to work with MS same way as the other units.. press and hold speed icon.. Same or similar menu functions as the 2797... I have it paired with the S5 Galaxy and only use the Smartlink for weather,traffic,etc. and no phone use. I have Sync Fords hands free which I like. And I'm glad the Garmin gives me a choice to not use one or the other while paired as it interfered with my Sync while Phone was paird and active in the 61.
    I think the speaker is a bit tinny and not as good as my Dezl I swear.. But I love the new glass screen with very bright and vivid colors finally in 7in.
    I only wish like it had a "Where too" in the tool box with the other tools. The 2797 didn't either.. again very similar menus. More work to go way back to main menu.. they have the "Stop' route in the tools..why not "Where too".. anyway I'll take this over a phone any day. With Smartlink which I'm not familiar with yet seems it may have some use along the way.. but my main use is Navigating to and from most places also storing customers files with location, phone,address,email etc.
  • Monterra spinning map

    you should of kept the 680.. The Monterra is dropped and forgotten... besides being expensive... they have fixed the issue on the 680.. ... I find it performs better then the Monterra.. but like I said the Monterra had a great screen and loved the android app menu setup..
    And I will be getting a 276cx this fall.. for snowmobiling... many fixes out now for it and the folks who use it off road love it.. My Montana will be for hiking only.
    Boyd it was Garmin's issue.. not an android issue.. known bearings to a waypoint from a position known were off all the time no matter what was set.. by 15 deg...couldn't believe it.. but it is what it is.. my 680 has been flawless.. better still the usb issue is resolved..
  • Oregon 600

    My wife wants an Oregon...instead of using her phone after she's seen mine. .But I'm lucky I can afford the Monterra. But I did sell the 610T for $525 and a $600 for $ it's not like I put out the $700 ..
    I just did another hike up Mt. Cube.. NH today with the Monterra.. 5 miles 1500 ft gain...really excellent track...3 points every second..not jumps at all with the climbing up rock faces and ledges,tree cover,etc. .nice clear screen in the sun compared to the seems..maybe it's the Android text...or whatever..Don't know why but it is... love the way it responds and ease of use. I'm totally surprised as so many trashed it for a while...probably when new... Got great battery life..just have to make sure the app's not needed are shut down. Google,etc.
    The camera isn't great with videos... I was panning the view on top very slowly and the play back on my PC wasn't phone is better. But it's not bad. Pics aren't bad either. But I didn't buy it for the camera. Just for gps use in hiking and snowmaching..
  • anyone use the Monterra yet?

    I found I missed the icon's on the I found the app Apex Launcher that works well with the Monterra in enlarging the icons and other options/settings for android making the Monterra for me the "cat's meow"... very responsive screen and processor it seems...
    No bugs I can see.... it's a fine piece... and don't know if the Montana has the MK333 chipset but it makes the Monterra very very accurate and track able without an external antenna on my mountain hikes.
    One note I can't seem to get it to do a screen shot..Garmin said press the power button and volume at the same time but can't get it to do it.
    More to come..