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  • anyone use the Monterra yet?

    I may be keeping this one. After living with it for hours on hours and having a good hike into the wilderness I'm Impressed. I may go back in time to Montana 610 who knows. But I know what I want/like in a gps and have hiked good and played with it alot. Still the Montana 610T is a heck of a unit with Glonass..i've been comparing old tracks and find
    the combo so much more accurate all and all from start to finish. Including were I usually sit for lunch..the points are grouped much tighter.
    I own Android phones so I've been playing with it in the house a lot since the long hike and got it down pretty good.... used the wi fi to update the software on it. But I don't use google etc. yet... I'm still focusing on the garmin apps only.. I don't have cell were I go most of the time. I think the screen is brighter and more responsive..probably because of the processor...
    Some said the Android is out of date etc. but it makes using this unit nice over non android Montana.
    Found you can make short cut's of some of the settings for the home screens.
    I love the push of the power button and you have a choice to lock the screen and have it in sleep mode. Nothing will disturb it. The display will stay down or out if you want . And it still keeps recording or running. The camera is ok. I have a great Olympus that may be better but I'll try more stuff and see.. gpscity has a great how to on the camera.
    Hard to find a lot on for reviews,etc. it as that goes for a lot of gpsr's... I hope they keep updating the unit. I'm glad I didn't buy it back in 2013...lot's of fixes have been done..
  • Nuvi 2460LMT Replacement

    I have both the 2797 and Dezl 760..the 2797 is a great unit. Also had a couple of the 2460' them as well. And you can a 2797t reasonable most places. Refurbished by Garmin are available as well. Not a lot of differences between the new DS 70 for the money..for my taste....I have Sync in my truck so don't need alot of bluetooth phone stuff. As the truck does it better.
    Also pinch to zoom is nice but not worth the extra $200 between a refurb 2797 and new DS 70
  • Garmin Montana 610/680

    an update on the 610..I must say it is very accurate in that the glonass/gps combo does it... i did a hike for 6 miles over and in mountainous terrain and it recorded perfectly. I did the same hike back a few years ago with same pack antenna setup etc. and this track was laid clean with no jumps compared to the older one. Despite my climbing,removing pack to change out jackets,get lunch out of pack,etc. I'm happy Garmin added this to the Montana.. Also I am use to the new track menu... Not crazy about it being so complex but it does what I want to do with a little more effort...
  • Garmin Montana 610/680

    I'll look into glo again..curious

    Just did some extensive testing of the GLO that you might find interesting :)

    Very good stuff....As far as my comment above stating not as many track points per on Auto as my 600. I have set it to a timed function. Which is better anyway.. But were the Glonass/GPS combo excells is in one spot for a while averaging. On my comparison with the saved 600 hikes on the trail at the end I sit on the same rock with the same external antenna on top of my pack,etc. The grouping for the track dots are much tighter then the 6 previous recorded exact hikes..Also the track line is tighter (more in the center of the trail) then the other saved tracks.. This hike is tree covered and enters an narrow Canyon to the Falls. Not real narrow but not mild hill terrain.
    Using a phone for hiking isn't an option for me considering the rugged usage and cold temps I would submit it too. But I would love to see the Glo send via Bluetooth to my Montana or the Monterra for that matter. And be totally water proof.
    I like this new 610 but am not used to the track menu's..I did a long hard hike over 2 mountains yesterday and lost the track trying to save it somehow either at the trail head or home trying to load it.. I wish they left it like the 600. It was fine for what I needed for sure. Much more simpler and seemed to do anything really.
    I'm making a point today to get to be a pro at this new menu experimenting with the tracks while walking around the hood and driving before I take it on a hike again.