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  • Garmin Overlander.

    I know those magnetic mounts are quite strong. Sometimes it is difficult to remove my 3597 without pulling the cradle socket off of the ball mount.
    Tell me about it.
    I always use my left hand to push back on the cradle, and even use a kind of twisting motion to assist. Sometimes I also push back on the windshield - in order to make sure that it doesn't come with the device.
    I would trust my life to that mounting.
  • CN EU 2018.20 NT

    "Sorry" alanb, but before reading this last post:

    I DID IT! I (BLEEPING: pardon my French) DID IT.

    I moved the .10 file out of the folder, and copied the .20 file to the MapInstall folder in the Garmin folder under application support. I then ran the newer version of MapInstall; that failed again.
    Then I ran the older version, and I DID IT!

    That left me with 2 maps on the sd-card. I trashed the older one: gmapsupp.img. The newer one was: gmapsupp.img_tmp
    I simply removed the _tmp in the file name! And: VOILA (pardon my French). It worked!

    I put the device in s(t)imulation mode, and took a drive around Brooklyn.

    I’m already planning to compete in hoop-thrujumping in Tokyo in 2020.


    Wish me luck, and thanks for the support.
  • Garmin eTrex 30 creating waypoints automatically

    My "automatically generated" waypoints on my 20 were always the result of the joystick being pressed while in a pocket.

    I bought a camera belt-pouch for it, and cut off part of the front (in a V-shape) - the part that is in front of the stick. The 20 lives facing out. There is now nothing to press the stick in normal use.
  • shortest or fastest

    Shortest distance will - in most cases - be a total disaster.
    It will literally take you on any road that "cuts a corner" (the shortest distance from A to B being as straight a line as possible) - making the distance less. You will be taken off a highway, and routed onto every small street that makes the distance less.

    The very first time that I used my device, I chose that method. It is the last time that I chose that method.
  • Oregon 600

    "...the high end modern smartphones have come a long way since then."
    Obviously, father than I have.

    "So it will be a plus to be able to use wifi hotspots in addition to GPS signals, even without cell service."
    Got it.

    Where's my piggy bank?