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  • Rugged Smartphone v Premium GPS

    Just an update as illness and injury has prevented me from riding thus far this year.

    Did 85 miles on the BSA Super Rocket as first run last week. Montana on the bars with OSM mapping outward bound, all as expected. Used the AGM on the way back with the new CoPilot GPS running and was pleasantly surprised at the improvement, cloudy day with showers so sunlight readability did not come into it.

    Weekend did a 280 mile round trip in the wagon and used the Drivelux 50 on the way out, more strange routing through a slip-road on the outside of a bend on the other side of the road. Used the AGM/CoPilot combination on the way back, preferred it and certainly trusted it more than I trust the routing on the Drivelux.
  • Montana 680T not showing as USB.

    Thanks Boyd.

    Have not had time to play last, couple of days, upgrading the home net and deep into ethernet cabling, extension aerials, IP addresses, subnets, an extra access point and a bridge at present, easy to lose complete days trying to get the things to talk! especially when one was faulty and you think it must be something you are doing through ignorance.
  • CN EU 2019.30 NTU

    Good spot! been looking forward to this now we've had fibre run to my end of the village and my connection has gone from 5 meg to 52meg! BT could not find an excuse to charge me extra either!
  • Rugged Smartphone v Premium GPS

    Yup Monterra X 2. First used one was off Ebay and was faulty, screen span full 360 degrees under a bit of vibration. Second used one I bought had hardly been used and was a nice machine in superb condition but the text on the Montana was bolder and more readable in sunlight so choice went to the Montana and the monterra was sold on, chap who bought it was very happy.

  • Rugged Smartphone v Premium GPS

    Hi Boyd.

    Would have saved myself money on the phone in the short term, but still think that is where the future lies, just not yet. I have still not found an ideal solution and that's not for want of trying as your memory correctly dictates.

    New Garmin 276CX looked superb but ran like a dog IMHO. I can't believe the people that spent so much seem happy to accept they could never run the thing to its highest specs, mine went back.

    Original Montana 650T got nicked and started all this Montana 680T went back as it could take an hour to disconnect from the USB 3.1 ports on my PC. The replacement one is just the same, workaround is to reboot the PC.

    There is no perfect solution for my demands in my view (works on ancient bikes with 6v Lucas "Prince of Darkness" electrics), Montana is the nearest. OSM maps are much more detailed but P2P routing is flawed. Most of my routing is via multiple waypoints from old fashioned route sheets so less of a problem.

    Trouble is as we commented elsewhere from my Lake District experiences, you cannot even 100% rely on city navigator maps on car models.

    Phones are getting there, of that there is no doubt, but sunlight screen readability and battery life remain poor and I have found all the phone routing programs I have tried to lack finesse (I'm fussy),

    So the Montana survives!