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  • NuviCam LMTHD won't connect to Win 10. Goes straight to navigation mode. Won't go into storage mode

    I had similar problem a while back with my Montaba refusing to go into mass storage which turned out to be a troublesome SD card. The Montana booted into mass storage fine without it.

    Probably won't help you but worth checking.
  • Montana 680T not showing as USB.

    Not enough 'G's in my phone
  • Montana 680T

    And the best to you as well!

    £300 back in the pocket is certainly preferable to a GPS that I felt let me down badly!
  • The legendary all-terrain navigation equipment is back: GPSMAP 276Cx

    Nearly thrown the 276CX out of the window a few times trying to find stuff that the manual gives you no help on, but slowly getting used to the idea that keys are multi-function and if you keep pressing them different things happen. These menus do give access to an awful lot of functionality and customisation.

    Noticed there is no security lanyard tag on the 276CX, a cheap and nasty omission, given the value of the thing and my previous experience! It's really designed for mounting and, with its non recessed power button, not designed for putting in the pocket. Even so I always used to loop the Montana lanyard over the handlebar mount in case it popped out.

    Will be doing an all day job on Wednesday and should have a better idea of performance and battery life.
  • The legendary all-terrain navigation equipment is back: GPSMAP 276Cx

    Pottered around the block and tried a couple of very short routes and briefly it does everything the Montana did and more. My redundant Montana mounts all fit it.

    Screen is definitely better than the Montana, bigger and brighter and just looks nicer.
    Additional nice feature of battery life predictor alongside the brightness slider, 70% brightness is quite bright and suggests 19 hours! full brightness suggests 9 hours, very good!

    Have set it up exactly as my Montana was, takes a bit of intuition as the manwell is cr@p, not a single screen prompt display in it. EG main menu tabs disappear off the RH side of the screen with no indication more options are there and the display/volume/battery life popup or its functionailty is not mentioned at all.

    All the profiles in the Montana are there plus more features. I like the popup warnings of approaching turns and it's definitely easier to anticipate turns. Remember my target vehicle is Motorcycle/electric pushbike.

    Got used to the buttons quite quickly, though have yet to stop prodding the screen on occasion!

    Software seems a little jagged at the edges in places, but it is a brand new machine and that can be rectified. For example calibrating the altimeter to a known height - there is no backspace key on the displayed keypad, so make a mistake and you have to overwrite the first numbers with leading zeroes to get it right or be at the top of Everest!

    Lots of functions I will never use such as marine mode / weather wifi etc (nor the marine mount with its bare wires), but I think that the 276Cx and I are going to be friends when we get to know each other better.

    Any questions please ask.