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  • Rugged Smartphone v Premium GPS

    Back to topic, ran both the Montana with OSM maps and the AGM X2 smartphone with Tomtom mobile this time on the old BSA's handlebars, 115 miles in all in three segments
    Problem with the OSM maps on the Montana is that, either the shortest route is flawed (no avoidances), or they take you down footpaths depending on what map you use. I still don't think the 680T is as sunlight readable as my 650T was.

    TomTom App got the first segment route right, over 2 miles shorter than the 'shortest' route on the Montana maps but the map lacks contrast which makes sunlight reading more difficult.

    Will investigate both further.

    Eneloop batteries were excellent!
  • Rugged Smartphone v Premium GPS

    The side by side comparison was an abject failure!

    The Montana died ten minutes from home with a low battery warning. The set were Ansmann 2850 mah straight out of the box and freshly discharged/charged. They were bought to replace a set that had similarly failed after only a year. Testing some other sets and so far none of them charge above 2200 mah after just over a year, some a lot lower! I will not be buying any more Ansmann batteries!

    The AGM X2 was loaded with Copilot after I decided I did not like Locus Pro. Amoled screen has wider visibility. 120 miles in about five hours on the road down country lanes and I had 69% battery left with everything on full blast so that was good.

    Routing was very poor on shortest route setting, with obvious shorter routes on minor roads ignored (there are no avoidances on Copilot). The turn by turn navigation was good, however. Having reached the interim destination we used a route-sheet so phone was just used to help spot upcoming turns. Problem was the maps lack contrast on whatever theme on minor roads and the labels are too small and faint to read from as riding position, despite increasing font size, so the phone was useless for this purpose.

    Recalculation was instant unlike the Garmin machines so the processing power appears better.

    Overall, short term, the Montana will likely be staying on the old BSA handlebars I am sorry to say, but will need to sort the battery problem as the internal battery does not last long enough for 100% display in full sunlight.

    Longer term I feel the answer lies in the phone, but the apps I have Googled don't match up to a premium dedicated device in my view.
  • Rugged Smartphone v Premium GPS

    Taken the full plunge and rugged smartphone ordered, so now I will start looking at apps in detail, but not here obviously. :)]
  • Garmin Montana 680 - power on issues

    From main menu / up arrow / setup / system / interface / Garmin Spanner

    On powering 680 then asks you if you want to go into mass storage mode, answering no allows Montana to run normally under power.
  • Montana 680t charging issue

    Thanks for the update, you have taken the correct course of action in returning the device as it's new.

    Montana is as good as it gets in current models in my view, 276CX should be better but performance seems to remain problematical from reports.