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  • Next Garmin software / map updates?

    Hard to compete free apps you can download to a smartphone. However there are pro's and con's to using your phone. And, pro's and con's for a dedicated device.

    I find that I have to use both to eliminate being surprised by one or the other. Yet sometimes both surprise me in how they are so wrong.
  • Garmin gpsmap 235 sounder

    A brand new Garmin chart plotter, fish finder or sounder all come with a new power/data cable. So if the pinout isn't the same, then it's a no-brainer to replace. IMO.
  • Have I Been Done

    The vendor you bought it from is the first place you should look. If for whatever reason Garmin shows the id of this specific device as only having a limited mapset, then that will only be problematic for future updates. So you need to ensure the vendor sold you what you bought.
  • Cheap, barebones hiking GPS... Do I have to go used?

    There must be something that will fit my meager requirements... Any ideas?
    Let friends and other acquaintances know that you are looking for one. One might just give it to you. You never know.

    Probably quite a few of them have older gps's that they don't use any more because they wanted the latest and greatest.

    Otherwise I think you will be in the $100 US range plus or minus $20. Even on ebay you can't get a good deal. People bid used cycling gps's up to almost retail price. I know, I've been trying to nab one for my Son.

  • NUVI 2340 upgrade - make space on the SD card

    I think you can safely delete all of them. However I'd actually create a folder on my computer's HD and copy the entire contents of the SD folder and all, before I deleted them just in case.

    Again, that's not a Garmin map SD card, is it? Don't delete anything till you've heard from other's here. I've no experience with the preloaded map cards. I know there are special licensing issues and other things to consider.