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  • Specific locations, strength of frequency throughout medium, maps

    It's always possible to make it work. However there are probably better tracking methods than gps for indoor or semi indoor stuff.

    IMO, with GPS it wouldn't be cheap as you'd need some equipment to augment the normal satellite signals.

    What kind of horizontal resolution are you wanting? The everyday "recreational" GPS is only accurate from 3 to 11 meters in ideal conditions.

    Can't make heads or tails of what you are asking in the last question.
  • New forum format

    Yeah, the little badges and stuff are hokey to me also, but as this is likely software that was 'bought off the shelf', we are likely stuck with that. Personnally I've always liked forums that use phpBB, but I'm sure we'll get used to this one just like we did the previous two.
  • recommendation for GPS positional and differential accuracy

    Great reading guys. And I think the info newbie GPS users should take from this is that recreational GPS's should not be used locating your boundaries. Certainly it's okay if all you want is a "there about" idea. But if it might get you into a legal dispute with a neighbor because you cut down his trees or such... you definitely should think twice, maybe three times about it.
  • Cannot use my Nuvi while charging in the car!

    I would think the likely culprit is a dirty or messed up contact on the male or female side of the usb connector. I believe there is a resistor between a couple of the usb pins in the cable, and that might fail, but if the cables undamaged, I'd think that unlikely. Voltage on the power-point/cigarette lighter of the vehicle might be an issue, but that's easy enough to check but also unlikely IMO.
  • GarminExpress fgailing to update maps

    Garmin's software, IMO, has never been very good at letting you know what it's currently doing much less giving you anything on the display to let you have a clue as to whether it's locked up or just processing files. Patience usually pays off.

    If you have any further problems with your maps, you might try the older Garmin Mapupdater......
    there is a Mac version too.