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  • Any New Garmin Auto GPS Coming Soon?

    I don't think they are out of touch with their pricing either. It's just that they probably figure they will be able to sell X amount of units at that price. On the other hand, they probably saw they could sell more units a a lower price, but the number of units sold at that lower price would fall short of the number required to cover expenses and profit.

    If they get to the point where they can't sell enough units to make a profit, they'll be gone eventually. But I'll not base my willingness to pay on whether they will or won't. There are many others that pay for things I'd like to have but am not willing to pony up the money myself. That doesn't make that product overpriced.
  • Garmin forum

    Wasn't there something said that if you didn't update your device at least every two years that you might lose your free lifetime update?

    I've never looked to see if that was factual, but seems like someone put that out in a post a while back.

    But as for needing to update your maps regardless of having to pay or not, I see that the same as the 20 year old Rand McNally paper atlas I sometimes look at to get a quick idea of where things are.

    As well, some of us know where to go intuitively, others are lucky to find their mailbox from their front door. So a person needs to assess which of those they most match.
  • Garmin services and production go down after ransomware attack

    I spent part of my career in the IT (information technology) world. My wife is still involved with IT. Even back in the 90's I was amazed at how willing company management was to connect all their computers to the wide wide world with only a firewall between them and people willing to extort them.

    Firewalls only provide a layer of security. Not total security. This stuff has been happening for a long time and management of companies not hit by such still don't get it.

    Even for those that do, their IT infrastructure is so tied to connectivity now they will spend a lot of money, probably as much as the ransom money to change how their IT functions at base levels to add more layers of security.
  • Tempe won’t stay connected GPSMap64s

    I'd think the issue is with the GPSmap. When my Garmin Edge does a similar thing with my HR monitor or speed/cadence sensor, It's typically been the Edge device. I'll have to go in an re-pair the device and save the pairing. Typically does happen around battery replacement time, but it's been awhile since I've had to mess with that.

    The last time I had issues though was three years ago. It happened with a new HR strap, I called Garmin and it still ended up being the Edge unit. The Garmin rep over the phone had me do several things and I don't quite remember what or the order I did them. So give them a call and see what they say. Even if you are long out of warranty, they may offer you a flat rate repair that typically is a replacement with a refurb'd unit for a very low cost that might be worth it.

    There is a menu item in the GPSmap that might be some steps you need to go through again..........
  • Smartphone Link -- why does it stay running?

    I'll probably get too annoyed with it again and uninstall it from my phone. But it is nice being able to share locations that Google maps can find but Garmin can't with my DS61. Sad that there is so much of what I consider bloatware attached to it. Presumably too many features just make it more difficult to keep everything running right without bugs or annoyances.