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  • Montana 680T not showing as USB.

    I am not happy that the 680T is definitely mounted as a portable device and not needing safe release.
    I don't understand your concern here. Being mounted as a portable device, which should give it a removal policy of "3", is the safest method to protect it from corruption due to unexpected removal. The other removal policies do nothing to ensure a better outcome, they just let Windows and other programs behave in a riskier manner.

    You can verify the removal policy when the device is connected by right clicking on any storage device in the file explorer and selecting "properties" then the "hardware" tab, then select the correct device from the list and then the "properties" button near the bottom, then the "details" tab, then select "removal policy" from the dropdown list. If it is a "3", then Windows will not cache writes to that device. It is write caching which causes file corruption due to unexpected removal.

  • First-time I-95 MA to FL drive - best way to prep GPS..?

    Ibid....what boyd said. I don't like to fuss with a lot of tedius prep either. I just review the route I want to go on my computer, then see if the gps generally agrees then go. Like Boyd, usually I wind up taking deviations the gps doesn't like, but so what. If the gps doesn't like my way it can get it's own car and drive itself <<grin>>.

    I use my old nuvi 205w to plug in my destination and give me the overall trip navigation. Then for restaurants, POI's and such I use my smart phone. I also tend to use my smart phone for navigation within a large unfamiliar city.

    My reasoning for using the smart phone is that it's got the power of the internet behind it and will be more up to date. But for the interstate and highway travel, my nuvi.... even with old maps is more than adequate.
  • Apple Watch Series 2 features built-in GPS, water resistance up to 50 meters

    I haven't disagreed with any of your suppositions in this thread. I just stated my preferences and made a postulation or two.
  • post will appear after it's reviewed

    I've got no issue with them getting caught by the spam filter and having to wait for approval. The fact that I missed the very brief message telling what was going on is the only real issue. As Boyd mentioned, having the message wait for the click an "okay" button would ensure that it was seen.

    But in the grand scheme, it is not as bad as some of the annoying glitches I've experienced on other forums using high dollar software.
  • Garmin needs to utilize OPTIONS for alerts

    If safety is so paramount that we need a chime to tell us we are getting in a school zone, then we probably should add sensors to chime every time a vehicle or pedestrian is near us. <<sarcasm>>

    The other day I was going around a 3 lane wide interchange that joins another three lanes in a high traffic are. All of a sudden I hear an electronic chime going off and it was very loud, annoying and distracting. I'm looking around trying to figure out whether it's my phone, gps or other device making it. All the time my attention should have been devoted fully to the outside. But it wasn't, and that's not SAFE driving.

    It turned out the sound was coming from the semi tractor/trailer next to me. Apparently it has a warning device that sounds when it's turn signal is on and someone (me) is in the lane next to it. Of that I'd say it's "safety" gone awry. Instead of the audible alert. The truck should have had more visual alerts. as it was the only way I know if wanted to change lanes was the light behind the wheels of it's tractor. More indicator arrow lights on the tractor and the trailer is a better solution IMO.

    By thinking of increasing the visual clues to increase safety, we include the deaf drivers in our solution. And there are likely more deaf drivers than blind drivers <<grin>>