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  • North America NT 2021.10

    FWIW, there's a time limit of 15 minutes during which you can edit a post. This was done several years ago because spammers would make a post, then come back a few days later and add spam links so that nobody would notice.
    Got it, and thanks for the info.
    A perfectly reasonable precaution. :-)

  • Storage Space Question - 2D and 3D maps

    You know, with the Zumo I never even gave the SD card thing a thought. I didn't know the new express would manage the installation of the maps to the SD card on it's own...I was used to the more arcane method I had to use for my old Nuvi. That method worked well the 1st time, but later updates were problematic and not worth dealing with.

    Well lookee here, I just happen to have a spare 8GB one in my desk. I'll probably get a larger one anyway. I'm still good for the moment.

    I know the Zumo 660 is an older device. It's still newer than my Nuvi 550 of course. I bought the Zumo reconditioned from GPS City only a year or so ago specifically because of the trouble I had keeping the Nuvi up to date.
    And now I find myself in the same situation again...long on trip planning...short on memory. @-)

    The Zumo, for my purposes, a does nice job. Actually, It does far more than I actually need. Spending hundreds of dollars on a newer device that even does far far more than I need, especially when my current device is still functioning very well, wouldn't be my first choice.

    This is what happens when one is raised in a household with people who lived through the great depression: We tend to want to make do with what we have, even if we don't have to. :-D

    Thanks for the help.
  • A little problem updating my old Nuvi550

    I was wondering if that might work...I'll give it a go and report back.

    The device did in fact come with the full NA map but when the map sizes increased past it's capacity, even after I deleted unnecessary files, I was forced to settle for the lower 48. I eventually installed an SD card and used the cloning method to conquer Canada again, but as I mentioned before, further updates using the cloning method never worked.

    Well, it's raining, cold, and miserable outside so I'm going to nip back up to my office to try again. With coffee. If it doesn't work...then beer.
  • Help with persistent routing errors, Tyre.

    I'm at work now and the good news is that the routing corrections worked flawlessly this time. My commute involves roads that the GPS would not normally select, so I thought it would be a good place to start.
    I have the next few days off and I'm going to be able to devote some time to getting better at this.
    Believe me, I try to figure these things out myself before I post with the wailing and gnashing of teeth, but this time I couldn't see the forest for the trees, or something like that. :-)

    I'm sure I'll be back with another question.

    Thanks, all.
  • Disabling splash screen warning on Nuvi 500/550

    I know it's been a while, but I got lucky finding a power-only cable on my first search here....

    I only recently had a chance to try it out, and it works fine.

    Available in 3 different lengths and also comes with a 12 volt adapter.