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  • No waypoint manager in main menu visible (GPSmap 64s,)

    Are you pushing Menu twice or pushing eater Quit or Page until the scroll bar is on Main Menu? If so the Waypoint Manager should be there. By default it will be the upper right icon. The order can be changed and also the numbers of icons per screen so scroll down and see if it's on a different screen. If you don't find it from the main menu push Menu and select "Change Item Order" and push Enter then push Menu again and select "Include All" and push Enter that should add it back if it's been deleted.
  • etrex30 warnings

    Are you using a Route and a routeable map? It sounds like you are. If so and you set the via point to " dose not alert" it won't alert the point however it will still alert you to turns. If you go into "setup" then "Tones" then "Early Turn Waring" and "Final Turn Warning" you can set them both to off. You can also go into "Proximity Alarms" from the tone menu.Then turn on "Proximity Tones" you can set tones or turn them off for "Proximity Alarm", "Approaching Proximity Alarm" and "Leaving Proximity Alarm". Then from the main menu go into "Waypoint manager" Select the waypoint you would like to alarm by pushing in on the joy stick. Then push the "menu" button then go into "Set Proximity" You can then set how close you would like to be when it alarms.