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  • Garmin vs Tomtom

    Actually at senior ages, driving is a heath issues. some can like me at 83 and some can't . I use old gps technology when needed. But of course I willingly let the younger folks drive my car. I do not work and drive about 12,500 miles a year. I rely on a nuvi 5000 , tomtom 910, and a garmin 850, all up to date except the tomtom. iam way past my sell by date.
  • How Times Have Changed

    Talking about prices. I am a bottom feeder. I use ebay for my purchases. A tomtom go 60 for a total of $ 10.79 delivered. Another coming for $ 16.00 delivered today. Usually from sellers who know nothing about gps and their peculiarities . They don't understand that many gps don't hold a battery charge for long, or just have to be charged to function properly. My gain their loss.
  • garmin numaps 010-11269-00 gift card

    Older gift cards and older gps are always available on Amazon and Ebay. That is where I shop. I believe my Garmin nuvi 5000 is from 2008. I stay in the $20-$25 range. Some are new old stock. Many sellers don't even know what they are selling. Of course if one really needs the latest, then the smartphone may be their choice.
  • garmin lifetime maps

    When the latest garmin map update became available I was able to update my nuvi 880 at no cost. So my purchase of the lifetime maps for $39.95 worked. Thanks to Boyd for the suggestion to buy maps near black friday.