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  • Introduction

    Hi Boyd

    Thanks very much for the help, one of my biggest problems is that I am probably now classed as a dinosaur in that I still prefer keyboards and a mouse rather than touch screen like Android devices and my current mobile device has given such solid service that it has earned my trust.

    I have always had the same program on both the Pc and mobile device probably because it allowed them to share the maps which used to be extremely expensive, but I suppose this is no longer a real issue because as you say as long as the two devices can share the output data in the same format then no issues. I will look at all the programs you mention and revisit the Mock GPS device which has loaded and seems to work great.

    I will keep the post informed of progress as it may help others, not that it seems there are many left with an interest in the subject

  • Introduction


    I will say that Android is new to me, I was brought up with DOS and then Windows, loved NT4, XP proved to be ok but not liking W10. I come from a software/electronics background but find Android & W10 both want to be the master and not the slave, they should always do what you want and not what they think you want!

    At my age I do not want to learn Android or how it ticks in detail but still into GNSS solutions, cartography and now woodworking to provide a relaxation from everything else. I will say one that the cost of digital mapping has fallen drastically over the last ten years, when I first used Memory map and you brought areas they were over two hundred pounds just for the Lake district, and you would not have wanted to buy the whole Uk which is now only a few hundred.

    The one important factor in my current project is battery life, the system needs to be power efficient and the GNSS module is fine, with a 6700 m/ah battery I can get a good eighteen hours which could be increased by using a larger capacity battery. The smartphone can be a problem, only got a 3100 m/ah battery but it can be swapped out and with no sim, internal GPS and location services off it makes a big difference to battery life and Memory map works fine but I don't like it's interface, the Windows mobile was much better. Looking at your reply is interesting, sounds like a middle man who continously accepts data and just passes it on to the program which is fooled into thinking it is coming from the internal GPS but is not. I am currently looking at OS maps which can only use a devices internal GPS, but this would circumnavigate this issue. Thanks for the info.