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  • Which GPS will allow tracks to be loaded to it.

    Sorry, but alan is right. Garmin does not make any automotive models that can receive tracks. The Zumo is a very expensive way to get this capability. But if you don't care about the cost, there is also the Overlander and GPSMap276cx.

    Now... depending on what you want to do, you might have a look at this little free program. It can convert your tracks to transparent Garmin maps (.img files) that you can overlay on another map by enabling it at the same time. This should work on any Garmin automotive device, such as the Nuvi and Drive series.

    Here's another similar program that is not free. But it's a lot cheaper than a Zumo. ;)

  • Can Garmin 51LM saved trips be sorted?

    Never looked into this at all myself, but this thread at GPSFileDepot made me wonder if something similar is happening?

    "The tracks (and I'm assuming routes and waymarks as well) are listed in a Garmin device (not just a GPSMap62) depending on how far away the first track point (or waymark) is from your current location."
  • How to get POI's from Nuvi 58 to Camper 770

    Don't know what to tell you about BaseCamp crashing. Are you using the latest version (4.7.0)?
    Many people think that Basecamp 4.7 is especially buggy, so you might want to try an older version. But Garmin has discontinued Basecamp, so any problems that it has will never be fixed. X( And there's a major issue with the current version, MapInstall doesn't work with third party registry-based maps. This includes almost all of the maps from GPSFileDepot.

    You can download old versions of Basecamp here:
  • does it work? who / what sends out the signals?

    The FM coverage is very poor, you will only get it in major cities. I live 50 miles from Philadelphia and used to commute daily. I could not get any traffic data until I was about 20 miles from the city, which was too late to make a major change in my route. There are large areas with no coverage along the NJ Turnpike, even when you are close to NYC.

    I don't think there's any list of what stations offer it, and that's not something the user is supposed to even know about. The device should automatically lock onto the strongest signal (if any). If you go into the developer settings, I think it will give you some data about this, but I haven't looked for awhile. The method for accessing this varies by device, on some of them you need to go to the volume screen and hold your finger on the top right corner. On other models you hold your finger in the middle of the speedometer in the trip computer (IIRC).

    The traffic data comes from HERE (formerly Navteq). At one point Garmin claimed that it was augmented by data they receive from users with the smartphone link app. Not sure if that is still the case.

    IMO, the FM traffic is useless if not downright misleading. I stopped using it long ago.
  • No tide data on eTrex 30x

    Thanks for keeping us updated- maybe this will help someone else.

    FWIW, if the old firmware had tide data, you can revert to it. Old versions are archived on this site (which is well-known, but NOT an official Garmin site)

    Note that these are actually the installers for the firmware and not the firmware itself. To revert, you will need to change the filename to GUPDATE.GCD and copy it to your GPS. I have gotten confused by all the different "flavors" of Garmin devices, which require that file to be copied to different locations. But I *think* the GUPDATE.GCD file needs to be in the \Garmin directory on the GPS. Maybe @sussamb can confirm this?

    When you restart your GPS, it *should* ask if you really want to install firmware that is older than your current version. If you agree, it will then go through the installation process. This may take a little while, so be sure you have good batteries in the device, since a premature shutdown could be disastrous.

    Also be sure that you have good backups of all your user data (maps, waypoints, tracks, etc) just in case. It's good practice to just copy the entire contents of internal memory to a folder on your computer periodically. I would also remove the SD card before doing a firmware update/downgrade. If there's already a GUPDATE.GCD file on the GPS, then that is the installer for your current firmware. You might want to save that for future use, if needed (although you could download it again from the link I posted).