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  • Just ordered a Triton 1500

    Sorry, you lost me there - my Triton was never "toast". Are you referring to the problem I had getting it recognized by Windows? Sorry, I should have followed up on that. After re-booting, Magellan's Vantage Point software correctly recognized the unit and now works as it should. It would have been nice if it worked right out of the box, but no big deal. At no time was there any problem with the Triton itself, just the Magellan Windows USB driver.

    I don't understand why Magellan doesn't provide a USB disk mode like other brands instead of using proprietary drivers. Either way.... whatever. I doubt that I will be using the native Magellan software. I am liking OziExplorer more and more on the Triton; it's really a very nice Windows CE platform to run that program.

    If anybody wants to try this themselves, there is actually a really easy way to get OziExplorer CE running on the Trition in just a few minutes without any "hacking" or altering of the unit. Here's how:

    1. Download OziCE from this link:

    2. Extract all the files and folders from the .zip archive and copy them to the root directory of a blank SD memory card.

    3. Find the file OziExplorerCE.exe and change the name to tocopy.exe

    4. Put the card in the Triton and start it up. You will boot directly into OziExplorer. It will run in Demo mode (prints DEMO on the screen) until you register the program.
  • Oh oh. I accidentally deleted the basemap - gmapbmap.img

    It's too late to help now, but this should be a good reminder for everybody to back up their Nuvi's periodically....