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  • Please help!!!Garmin GPSmap 62s cant read SD card

    So, just to be clear, do you have a file with a .gpx extension that you copied to the card? How did you convert the waypoints to a .gpx file? The card needs to be formatted as FAT32, which would normally be the default for a 16gb card. It could be a defective card, that is not terribly unusual.

    Try copying the file directly to the internal memory of the 62s and see if that works. If not, then there may be something incompatible insided the file, there seem to be different "flavors" of GPX. I would try opening the file in Garmin Basecamp or Mapsource and see what happens, if it doesn't work there, then it may not be compatible with Garmin's implementation of .gpx You can open .gpx files in a text editor and see exactly what's inside for troubleshooting.

    It shouldn't be necessary to "sync" anything. When the 62s starts up it should automatically read any data in a .gpx file on the card or in internal memory.
  • Monterra spinning map

    Interesting that they sell a version with lifetime City Navigator maps.

    I guess nobody would want to use it in the city though, and anyway it only costs $800 so what do you expect? :D
  • Have I Been Done

    According to Garmin, this is the coverage of the UK and Ireland map. As for the rest, I'd say that's between you and the place where you bought it…

  • GPSmap 60Cx - Buzz with OpenStreet Maps

    Just use the program I linked to above, it was written to address this exact problem (although I'm not clear whether it works on Sierra)

    FWIW, my main computer is a MacBook Air, also a quad core Mac Mini for video editing and a base model Mini for a media server. Have been using Macs since 1985 and Apple ][ since 1978.

    However I use a Windows machine for making maps and managing Garmin devices. But you have to cut Garmin a little slack on any 60csx issues. They did not even support that Mac at all when it was introduced. :)
  • Danish letters and 2017.10 NT

    Here is contact info for Garmin support - pick the applicable region from the "Europe" tab: