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  • Have I Been Done

    According to Garmin, this is the coverage of the UK and Ireland map. As for the rest, I'd say that's between you and the place where you bought it…

  • GPSmap 60Cx - Buzz with OpenStreet Maps

    Just use the program I linked to above, it was written to address this exact problem (although I'm not clear whether it works on Sierra)

    FWIW, my main computer is a MacBook Air, also a quad core Mac Mini for video editing and a base model Mini for a media server. Have been using Macs since 1985 and Apple ][ since 1978.

    However I use a Windows machine for making maps and managing Garmin devices. But you have to cut Garmin a little slack on any 60csx issues. They did not even support that Mac at all when it was introduced. :)
  • Danish letters and 2017.10 NT

    Here is contact info for Garmin support - pick the applicable region from the "Europe" tab:
  • Waterproof Garmins

    AFAIK there has never been a "waterproof" Nuvi
    Not quite true, the Nuvi 500 and 550 were waterproof, as @menhir already knows. :)

    "Drive, hike, bike or boat. With the rugged, waterproof, multi-mode nüvi 500, you can do it all."

    I'm sure that "web article" was mistaken about the Nuvi 2577 however, none of the current Nuvi models are waterproof, The 5xx series was unique in that regard.
  • Garmin Agrees to buy DeLorme

    Maybe they could have a shot at the Street Atlas user interface which IMO has always been a bit of a disaster
    Yeah, it looks like antique software, pretty much on par with Garmin nRoute, which was discontinued many years ago. Hard to imagine Garmin devoting any resources to something as outdated as Street Atlas, when they discontinued MobilePC long ago and it was a much more modern program.