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  • Newbie: how to get Montana 650t to see Topo 24K I d/l to SD Card

    You could also copy it to internal memory on the Montana, if it isn't too big. Internal memory should already have a Garmin folder, so just add the three map files to it.

    Before you do anything with the new GPS however, I urge you to make a full backup. Just create a folder on your computer and drag or copy/paste all the files from the Montana to it. The preinstalled topo is almost 3gb, so it might take awhile to copy everything.

    This could save you a lot of grief in the future if there is a problem. :)
  • GPS Garmin NUVI 44

    Someone here certainly might be able to help you. However you should realize that this site has no affiliation with Garmin, it is just users helping each other. You can get help directly from Garmin, they will talk you though the process while you're on the phone and help troubleshoot.

    Contact Support

    U.S.: 913-397-8200
    U.S. Toll-free: 800-800-1020
    Canada: 866-429-9296

    Support Hours

    Mon–Thurs: 8 a.m.–6 p.m.
    Fri: 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
    Central Time (Closed Holidays)
  • need product recommendation

    The Montana is the oldest of the three that you list, and would by my personal choice - in fact I actually have a Montana 600 along with City Navigator and the car mount. Is there some reason why you want the 650 instead of the 600? The only difference is that the 650 has a camera, which evidently isn't very good.

    The Oregon has a glass multi-touch screen instead of resistive single-touch screen on the Montana. But the Montana screen is much larger with more pixels. I think the Oregon is a bit small for automotive use, but that is something you would need to decide for yourself. The Oregon does have a few nice features like GLONASS that are missing from the Montana.

    Now the Monterra is Android based, which might be appealing. Same size screen with same resolution as the Montana, but it is glass multi-touch. Also some new software features not present on the Montana. But it has been very buggy and evidently not all the problems have been corrected. Aside from that, it's really expensive. That's enough to keep me away.

    Note that with any of these devices, you will not have a number of features available on the Nuvi. No junction view, 3d buildings, 3d terrain or traffic receivers. No smartlink for connected features.
  • Making Customized Dashboards

    Sorry DrAlloway. I wrote the tutorial and tried to make it as thorough as possible so that others could take it from where I left off. I've moved on to other things now and am not interested in revisiting it. Hopefully someone else will come along to help…. :)
  • Making Customized Dashboards

    You must create the filler yourself. This is explained in the image on the right side of part one of the tutorial near the bottom of the page ("Using XML Comments as Filler"). That's the hack that I came up with since we cannot create our own dashboards from scratch. Garmin obviously has special tools to create dashboards that we don't have access to. When I said "you'll see a section of filler in each dashboard file" I was refering to the example dashboards I created for the article, not the stock Garmin dashboards. You can download the examples from the link in the tutoral.

    Not sure what you mean about transparency. I used transparent images in my dashboards. These were created in Photoshop using standard graphics techniques.