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  • Making Customized Dashboards

    Fonts are covered in part 2 of the tutorial. But since this is a "hack", you can't simply go in and change a font without making other adjustments, so you would have to understand the concepts in the whole tutorial. I only looked at 800x480 dashboards, no idea how the fonts might differ on the 480x272 models.

    I'm not sure whether you can accomplish what you want though. My impression was that the stock fonts are already pretty big. Sorry, but my dashboard hacking days are over…. maybe someone else can help?

    fonts are part of the Nuvi firmware and therefore somewhat of a mystery. By examining the stock dashboards, I have found the following options. If you look at the names of these fonts, you might be able to make some educated guesses about other options.


    You can try substituting some of these other names into the DashboardStyle code and observe what happens. I’ve used FONT_SIZE_DATA_TITLE for the titles in all of my dashboards because it appears to be the smallest. And I have used FONT_SIZE_C2 for all the data because it’s small enough to work with my 7 field dashboard.

  • (Which) External antenna for Garmin GPSmap 64s?

    I would be very surprised if an external antenna makes a difference. In the consumer world, antennas are typically only used when the device is inside a vehicle that has obstructions. The 60 series (GPSMap 60/62/64) has a quad helix antenna that many people feel is the best in the business already.

    Tim's point about expectations is right on target. Consumer devices like the 64 are not likely to give you any better than +/- 5 meters regardless of what you do. The very expensive antennas you have seen are probably intended for use with specialized survey grade gps units that cost thousands of dollars. In the consumer space, spending more money is not likely to give you more accuracy. A ~$100 device like the eTrex 10 is going to be just as accurate as the ~$700 Monterra. Spending more money just gets you more "bells and whistles".

    To get the best accuracy with your 64, use the "waypoint averaging" feature. If you stand stationary, the device takes a position fix every second and averages the results. This usually gives better accuracy, but there are a lot of variables such as the position of the satellites at the time you take the measurements.
  • Saving POI on nuvi 3490LMT

    You can also save the location of POI's that you search for. For example, if you searched for "Pizza" and one of the results on the list was "Vito's Pizza", you could tap on that item to see more info. There would also be a "Save" button on that screen that would add Vito's to your favorites (or saved places as they are called on the newer models).

    It's also possible to save locations directly from the map. Drag and zoom it to any location. Tap on a point and you will get the option to save it.
  • recommendation for GPS positional and differential accuracy

    I am the author of that image that you posted, it is part of some testing I did for a review of the Garmin GLO here:

    Sorry, I can't do the tests that you want. But if you are planning to do "surveying", I think you're looking in the wrong place. The devices you listed are designed for recreational use, not surveying. I think you will need a professional device , such as one of Trimble's units:

    They are considerably more expensive than consumer devices.
  • 60csx no longer uses SiRF chips

    The switch to the MTK chipset has been confirmed by users on another site. Evidently the only way to tell if your new 60csx has the MTK chipset is by checking the software version in the menus. Units with the MTK chips will show a GPS Software Version of 2.00m. Units with the SiRFStar chipset should show GPS Software version 3.00 or possibly 3.00s.

    There is nothing on the unit itself or the packaging to indicate the MTK chipset.