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  • Garmin RV 770 LMT-S Upgraded for my RV

    I know its just a 2595 with a bigger screen and faster processor.
    Well, in terms of the hardware, that might be accurate. But the software is substantially different. These devices have a special RV mode (which should be the default) and that gives you a bunch of additional things. You should be able to create a vehicle profile that includes its length/width/height/weight and similar data. The device will then use all of that when calculating routes, so (for example) it shouldn't send you down a road with a bridge that is too low for your vehicle or a mountain road with a turn that is too sharp. And it should also warn you about any concerns like this as you drive around.

    Then it should also have some special POI databases related to RV's and trucks, like campgrounds, places that service/tow big vehicles, etc.

    Or that's the theory, at least. ;) Anyway - congratulatioins, sounds like you got a nice deal!
  • Risk of downloading updates and maps to 2597LMT

    My advice FWIW … do a full backup of your device
    That is excellent advice, and could save you a lot of grief in case you do have a problem. See this thread if you don't already know how to do this:

    But note that you do not need to change the Windows control panel settings as described there. Do this instead.

  • does it work? who / what sends out the signals?

    This may help:

    It has nothing to do with the maps. The FM traffic is limited by a very slow data rate - similar to an old 300 baud modem, if you're old enough to remember those days ;) It piggybacks on selected regular FM radio station signals. So there just isn't enough bandwith to provide much data, and it is therefore limited to major roads in your immediate area.

    The newer HD traffic still uses FM radio signals and also has a slow data rate, but faster than the old FM system.

    The smartphone traffic uses a "real" data connection that can deliver much more data that covers a larger area.
  • map download problem on my Garmin GPS

    Happy to help. :)

    And shame on Garmin for not fixing this major bug that has caused so much trouble for the past 11 months. X(
  • map download problem on my Garmin GPS

    Did you use the current versions of Basecamp and MapInstall for WIndows? Basecamp 4.7/MapInstall 4.2 were introduced in May 2018, and they do not work correctly. MapInstall will not send a map to your GPS properly, the results are pretty much as you described.

    Of course, something else could also be wrong, but if you used the current version of Garmin's software, then it just isn't going to work. Garmin doesn't really seem to care about this, because the problem is well-documented, yet they still have not fixed it. Garmin has announced they have ceased development of Basecamp.

    So your only options are to install an older version of Basecamp/MapInstall or else use Garmin's older Mapsource software, which still works properly. See this thread at GPSFileDepot for more information.