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  • Garmin eTrex - Creating a trail map using track recordings

    Thanks, those look fine. However, this is not at all comparable to the examples I gave. The aerial image is zoomed way out. Look at the distance scale in the example I posted above - click on it to see full size. If you zoom in that far on your track, I'm sure you will see very noticeable variations between tracks recorded at different times.

    I certainly agree that the tracks in your example are more than adequate for someone who wants to follow a road on a hike. That is not the same as making an accurate map of a small area that looks good when zoomed way in.

    Again, nothing against the eTrex. I just think there are better tools for the project that @xarielle wants to undertake.
  • Garmin eTrex - Creating a trail map using track recordings

    I made an old post about this issue at GPSFileDepot, including some screenshots

    The pink lines in this image are the high resolution trails. The blue lines are the result of converting them to a Garmin .img file. To be fair, these have been zoomed in extemely close, but that is what I wanted for my map

  • Garmin digital traffic change in UK

    I'm completely confused by Garmin's traffic options. What is "digital traffic"? Is that the same as "HD traffic"?
  • Brand new garmin100k map doesn’t display on Oregon 750

    LIDAR imagery is what you really need for finding old home sites, Garmin does not offer that. I have made quite a few maps based on LIDAR and am building a new site where you can view it in three dimensions and tweak the settings to reveal hidden details. I only cover my own region however, it involves a lot of data and a lot of time to make this kind of map. Not aware of anybody else who offers maps like this, but have not really looked either
  • Garmin services and production go down after ransomware attack

    Some discussion of this issue here:

    "On Tuesday morning, Sky News reported that the company had obtained the decryption key it needed to its systems but quoted sources as saying that Garmin “did not directly make a payment to the hackers.”

    There are a lot of possible ways to read that statement, but the word that most immediately jumps out is “directly.” It’s possible that Garmin was able to procure the decryption key without caving to the ransom demands, but if Garmin did not make any payment to the hackers whatsoever, it could have just said that. Instead, the Sky News sources seemed to imply that a third party might have made some payment on Garmin’s behalf—possibly an insurer, if Garmin held any coverage for online extortion, or one of the security firms that specializes in negotiating and paying ransomware demands on behalf of victims. Understandably, if it did authorize any sort of payment, Garmin is not likely to clear up any of the details of how it happened."