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  • Aerial imagery on the Nuvi?

    Here's a screenshot from my Nuvi 3550...


    It's actually landcover and road data with colors sampled from aerial imagery, so as you zoom out it has a photographic look. I spent quite awhile creating this several years ago, then lost interest when I started making maps for smartphones. Working on my new website, I thought it might provide a little amusement for some advanced users so it's now available for download. It's technically compatible with any Garmin device, but only looks good on certain models (such as the Nuvi Prestige series). It's fully compatible with Basecamp and Mapsource, with versions for Windows, MacOS and Linux. If you give it a try, let me know if it works properly on your device (especially the new "Drive" models). More info here:

  • What is going on?

    eTrex 35? LOL, that is one of the cheaper units in Garmin's line-up and it unless I've missed something major, it hasn't been discontinued and isn't a huge failure. :))

    Yes, I was talking about the Monterra, Garmin's Android based model that sold for $800 and was something they would like to forget ever existed (just like the NuviFone, their disastrous attempt at an Android cellphone). Sounds like @Chris_Sav got a good deal, and after all these years apparently they have finally shaken out most of the bugs. But a lot of others weren't so lucky.
  • DriveSmart 61 -LMT- D no wi-fi

    @Zemartelo - with all due respect, this thread is about wifi problems on the DriveSmart 61. Search problems on the DriveAssist 50 are certainly worthy of discussion, but they should be the subject of another thread. :)
  • DriveSmart 61 - NO Details?? HELP!

    It's funny, Verizon notified me that I could get FIOS at my old home about a month before I moved to my new place in 2006. But I decided slow internet was a reasonable price to pay for life in a secluded location way back in the woods with a wild stream, surrounded by state forest. Have never regretted that decision. :)
  • Proof of false accusation

    I would be discussing this with a lawyer, not a GPS forum. ;) But if you connect your Nuvi to your computer, open the GPX folder and find the file named Current.gpx. It will contain your recorded track. Copy that file to your computer and you can use Garmin's or other software to display it.

    Depending on when this happened, it may have been overwritten - track files "wrap around" as they fill up and replace old data with new. It's been awhile since I looked at this, but there should be another folder inside named something like "archive". It may contain older copies of the tracklog.