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  • How to update a nuvi 1300 with lifetime updates when I only have XP computers??

    Garmin has a mapupdater program but it is not clear whether they still support it and I don't think they offer it as a download anymore. Here's one recent thread on the subject:

    However, if it has been 5 years since you updated your Nuvi, I suspect you're out of luck. Awhile ago Garmin changed their update policy. See this:

    "A product will be deemed to be out of service and its useful life to be ended if no updates have been downloaded for such product for a period of 24 months or more."
  • Drive 60LMT - 1.screen sensitivity 2.should I get a screen protector

    If it doesn't work as well as a recent model phone then I'd say something is probably wrong with it. Their first capacitive screen model, the Nuvi 3790, had a lot of touchscreen issues like this. But the newer ones seems to be very good.

    Does the Drive 60 have a resistive or capacitive screen? I can't keep up with them anymore. ;) Some older resistive screen models had this kind of problem too, like the 1xxx series. But that was quite awhile ago. If yours is still under warranty I don't think you should settle for a problem like that.
  • Garmin announces new inReach SE+ and inReach Explorer+

    Here's something strange that was just pointed out in a thread at groundspeak; these devices are not compatible with Garmin maps and don't have memory card slots. Kind of surprising - see the fine print at the bottom of the page here:

    "Preloaded DeLorme TOPO maps are not compatible with other Garmin devices. Other Garmin maps not compatible with this device."

    Tim is right, this really isn't a "Garmin like" product. ;)
  • Nuvi 55 US map

    Not quite clear what you're asking here. What map is currently installed on your Nuvi 55? Is it the United States or Europe?

    If you want to add both Europe and Canada to a US device that contains the "Lower 49" map, that will require a lot of space and you will need memory card.

    But if you are just trying to add Canada to a device with Europe, it's possible that might fit depending on available memory in your Nuvi. The Canada map is only 775 MB.

    Regardless, micro SD cards are pretty cheap so it shouldn't be an issue. Just realize that when you purchase additional Garmin maps, they cannot be updated and there is no option to purchase lifetime versions. So if you want a new map in the future, you will have to purchase the full version again at full price.

    It is counterintuitive, but in many cases it will actually be about the same price - or even cheaper - to just buy another Nuvi that already contains the map you want, and that will also include lifetime updates.
  • Driveassist 50 LMT-D

    succumb sent me some vpm files
    LOL :)) Note that it is @sussamb and not "succumb".