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  • SK coordinates

    Hmm, I just looked at Oruxmaps and Galileo which are the two apps I use the most, and I don't see any option for SK coordinates, so maybe you are right.

    If you can't try any of Garmin's handhelds in person, then I strongly suggest that you purchase from a place that has a liberal return/exchange policy.

    Here is the basic Montana. Screen is much bigger and higher resolution than any of their other models:

    In the touchscreen line, the Oregon series would be the next step down. In certain ways it is more advanced than the Montana. It has a glass multi-touch screen where the Montana is a resistive screen:

    Then there's the eTrex 35 which is their smallest touch screen. Not very familiar with these, they are rather new:

    If you prefer pushbuttons, there's the GPSMap64 series. These are styled similar to the very popular GPSMap60 series from 10 ore more years ago:

    Then there's the pushbutton version of the eTrex:

    I really don't know what kind of vendors you will have access to in the UK. The links above are from Garmin's US site, however if you look at the upper right corner of the website window, there should be a little US flag that you can click to change countries and see local pricing.

    You may find stores that sell for less than Garmin's list price, you need to shop around. Here in the US, we can get factory refurbished versions of older models. These are generally excellent deals, they have the same Garmin warranty as new and have been fully checked and refurbished. A refurb might cost 40% less than the new version.

    The previous generations of the devices above are still good choices if you can find them, for example the Montana 600, GPSMap 62, Etrex 30.

    I imagine @sussamb will check in here with some suggestions since he is also in the UK. Happy shopping! :)
  • Micro Disk for Garmin Nuvi 50LM?

    Just in case you got a little "lost in the weeds" here…. this is what you should look for. :)


    Sometimes they will include an adapter so the card can be used in larger slots. You do not need the adapter. You will also see different card speeds shown in a circle on the card. The card in this image is class 4. For the Nuvi, the speed really doesn't matter.
  • How to boot directly GPS application when powering PDA devices?

    The place to discuss these Windows CE devices has always been the GPSPassion AIO forum in the past. Not much activity there now, but you may find some helpful information in old threads there

    Funny… I doubt that anyone knows what an "AIO" is today. It was an acronym for "All In One" - a device that could run other software in addition to navigation programs. Today we would just call this a "phone". :))
  • Does it still make sense in 2016 to buy a Garmin?

    The people who sell smartphones can take a beating on the hardware because they will make it up on monthly subscription fees
    I think them days is over Alan. AFAIK, all the "subsidized" smartphone plans are gone now. Verizon dropped theirs awhile ago, AT&T dropped theirs in January. Now you must pay full price for the phone, but they finance it for 0% over a period of time that you select. For example, I have "AT&T Next 30" so every month I pay 1/30th of the phone purchase price. To sweeten the deal, after 24 months I can turn the phone in and get a new one though, and the cycle starts again.

    I think the Garmin cost difference is probably a lot more basic - economy of scale. I think Apple sells more than 200 million iPhones every year. How many Nuvi's do you think Garmin sells? I would be surpised if it was even one million per year.

    Then there's the upgrade cycle. I think 2 years is pretty common for smartphones. Doubt it was ever that high for the Nuvi. :)
  • Editing available categories/subcategories ?

    Nothing wrong with that! He probably found this thread with a Google search, it solved his problem and he wanted to share what he learned for the benefit of others.

    Welcome to the site @eric2048 ! :)