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  • Does it still make sense in 2016 to buy a Garmin?

    The people who sell smartphones can take a beating on the hardware because they will make it up on monthly subscription fees
    I think them days is over Alan. AFAIK, all the "subsidized" smartphone plans are gone now. Verizon dropped theirs awhile ago, AT&T dropped theirs in January. Now you must pay full price for the phone, but they finance it for 0% over a period of time that you select. For example, I have "AT&T Next 30" so every month I pay 1/30th of the phone purchase price. To sweeten the deal, after 24 months I can turn the phone in and get a new one though, and the cycle starts again.

    I think the Garmin cost difference is probably a lot more basic - economy of scale. I think Apple sells more than 200 million iPhones every year. How many Nuvi's do you think Garmin sells? I would be surpised if it was even one million per year.

    Then there's the upgrade cycle. I think 2 years is pretty common for smartphones. Doubt it was ever that high for the Nuvi. :)
  • Editing available categories/subcategories ?

    Nothing wrong with that! He probably found this thread with a Google search, it solved his problem and he wanted to share what he learned for the benefit of others.

    Welcome to the site @eric2048 ! :)
  • Re set my 64st lost all my stock data

    Basecamp does not backup anything, it is only for exchanging user data like waypoints. You would backup the gps like any disk, by copying all the files to your computer.
  • Re set my 64st lost all my stock data

    Of couse the easiest way would be to restore from a backup, but I assume you don't have one.

    Kind of surprised that you lost maps with a reset. What maps? Purchased from Garmin by download? I believe these can be downloaded again for 12 months after purchase.

    If you lost the preloaded topo, you will need to contact Garmin support and see what they say.

    If you loaded any of your tracks and waypoints into basecamp they can easily be restored.

    You would need backups to restore any profiles you created.
  • Survival Kit GPS

    I don't really see how a gps would meet your needs unless it had a map. But if it does, you can get a factory refurb eTrex (not "xTrex") for about $75. It should have pretty good battery life and uses AA batteries so you could pack some spares.

    I agree with @sussamb though, forget the GPS and use your smartphone. An external battery would give you additional run time and be smaller than a standalone GPS. There are plenty of apps that can be used with no cell connection, the maps are installed on the device and the GPS chip always works. Since you say you don't need maps, a free app should give you a compass and show your coordinates.