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  • Need advice again ...

    Both models have lifetime maps and traffic, that's what the LMT designation means. According to this comparison, the 2559 has maps of both Europe and North America. That kind of surprises me, I guess Garmin has changed their numbering scheme because the transatlantic models used to have a "7" in the number, such as 2579. See the comparison here:

    That 2559 is a strange beast all around. According to the specs, it has a capacitive multi-touch screen at 480x272 resolution. Have never seen a nuvi with that kind of multi-touch screen on a nuvi before, they have always been 800x480. Have they abandoned the older technology resistive 480x272 screens?

    Anyway, if you want EU maps, that is a pretty good deal for an extra $30. I think the EU maps would cost about $100 if purchased separately, and they would not include lifetime updates either.
  • eTrex Vista HC series Owners Manual..Print out..

    Section 2 Press ENTER. At that point all comes to a halt
    Let me make sure I understand this. You have connected the GPS to your computer with a USB cable. You then use the menu on the GPS to activate Mass Storage Mode, but the computer does not show a removable drive as described in the manual?

    If so, my first question would be whether you have a micro SD memory card inseted in your GPS? The card must be formatted as FAT32 in order to work.

    If you don't have a card inserted in the GPS, you cannot enter mass storage mode. On these older Garmin handelds, USB mass storage mode only works for SD cards. There is no user-accessible internal memory (like newer models have). And the memory card is generally only used for the storage of maps.

    Also note that these old models have very slow USB 1.0 interfaces. If your computer has a memory card slot, or if you have an external USB 2.0 or 3.0 memory card reader, it will be much faster to use that instead of connecting the GPS itself to your computer. Mapsource and Basecamp will treat such a card the same as if it were in the GPS itself.

    After transferring data to/from the card, you could then insert it in the GPS.
  • Export Data from Garmin nuvi 2597 MLT

  • Export Data from Garmin nuvi 2597 MLT

    I am not personally familiar with the Nuvi 2597. But most new models have a "sleep mode" that allows them to start instantly. If the nuvi is connected to external power, like the cigarette lighter in your car, when that power goes off then the Nuvi goes to sleep. Then when power comes on again, it wakes up. I'm not sure whether current.gpx is regenerated in this situation. I think the device actually has to turn off. On most models, you must hold the power button down until a notice appears asking whether you want to turn the device off.

    But, come to think of it, all this is probably irrelevant. In order to access current.gpx, you need to connect the Nuvi to a computer via USB. That will force a cold boot, after which the device will enter USB disk mode. Then you could copy current.gpx to the computer and access the tracks in the file.

    I can't think of any way to automate this kind of action. The Nuvi will remain in mass storage mode whenever it is connected to a computer. You need to dismount and unplug it from the computer before you can restart it and go back into GPS mode.
  • Export Data from Garmin nuvi 2597 MLT

    I think you could extract the track data from current.gpx without any problem. However, this is not a file that is constantly updated. It is only updated when the Nuvi does a cold boot. The actual track data is stored in protected internal memory that isn't accessible to users. When the Nuvi does a cold boot, current.gpx is erased and replaced with a new copy of the internal data.

    For a project like yours, it might make sense to use a device like a dedicated USB or bluetooth gps. You can get a GlobalSat BU-353 for around $30 for example.